What Is Marketing Research: A Quick Guide For Beginners

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What is marketing research? – Marketing research has always been costly and time-consuming, but thanks to the age of big data, things have changed drastically.

The age of big data has been in full force for over six years now, and it’s changing the market research field faster than ever before. So what are all these changes, and what will they do to the industry?

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Where a company chooses to concentrate its efforts and resources can be influenced by a variety of factors, including understanding industry movements, shifting consumer requirements and preferences, and governmental trends. That is what market research is useful for.

Do you want to know the benefits, procedures, and timing of market research applications? Are you interested in learning why people aren’t purchasing your goods? If you want to roll out a new service, product, or even marketing campaign, but you’re not sure what your target market wants, read on.

You’ll find the definition, benefits, different kinds of market research, and a few examples that will clarify this type of research in this comprehensive guide.

What is Marketing Research?

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Market research is the process of gathering information about a market or marketplace to better understand the needs and wants of potential consumers. It helps companies decide what products to develop and market, and how much they should charge for them.

Market research can be carried out in-house by businesses or organizations, or it can be contracted out to companies with experience in the field.

Implementing surveys, interacting with a group of individuals also known as a sample, conducting interviews, and other comparable procedures are all examples of ways to conduct market research.

To determine how the audience would respond to a product or service, market research is mostly conducted to comprehend or investigate the market surrounding that particular good or service. The data gathered from market research can be utilized to customize marketing and advertising campaigns or to identify the priorities of customer feature requests and service needs if any.

Marketing Research Examples

There are many examples of marketing research that have been used to create new value. This includes data-driven insights on how to attract and retain customers, product innovation, and new business models.

1. Data-driven insights:

  • Personalization: USAA uses data to personalize the experience for its members. They know the customer’s information like their name, address, email address, and more.

  • Targeting: Amazon uses data in order to target buyers with specific interests or needs. For example, they can target people who are interested in buying a particular type of product or who live in a certain zip code.

2. Product innovation:

  • Designing products for use cases: Nike has created shoes for runners that can track performance metrics like speed and distance during a run.

3. New business opportunities:

  • Finding new business opportunities through data analysis. For example, Amazon has been able to use data to find new ways to create products for its sellers.

What Is Marketing Research

What Are the Different Types of Marketing Research?

The most common methods of marketing research are:

  • Surveys,

  • Focus groups

  • Fieldwork.

Surveys involve asking people questions about their attitudes towards a product or company’s brand name.

Focus groups involve having people discuss their thoughts on a product or company’s brand name with the purpose of understanding how they feel about it.

Fieldwork involves going into the field to observe consumers’ behavior with an eye to understanding what motivates them to purchase certain products or use certain brands of products.

What are the Top 3 Common Uses of Market Research?

Here are the three most common uses of market research are:

  • To understand what customers want

  • To understand what competitors are doing

  • To recognize a specific product or service’s advantages and disadvantages.

To understand what customers want

Fewer large-scale marketing studies are conducted today, and this makes it difficult for companies to adapt to market changes in a timely manner.

To determine the needs of the market in marketing research, you need the right tools for the job! With Jasper.ai, you can achieve a deep customer understanding of your market’s behavioral patterns and start designing solutions to improve their experience today.

To be aware of what rivals are doing

Without knowing what your competitors are doing, it’s tough to know what to do as you have no idea how they are targeting their marketing research.

The right information is the key to success. Time-consuming, complex research is not worth it if you don’t know what your target market wants, especially if it’s a crowded market.

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To recognize a specific product or service’s advantages and disadvantages.

The strengths and weaknesses of a product or service are important for businesses to understand. This is so that they can make the best decisions when it comes to the products that they sell.

To understand the strengths and weaknesses of a product or service, we need to consider the following:

  • What are the strengths?

  • What are the weaknesses?

  • How can these be addressed?

  • What customer needs does the product/service satisfy?

What are the strengths?

The strengths of a product or service are defined by how well it fulfills customer needs and how differentiated it is from the competition. For example, one strength of the Amazon Kindle Fire is that it has an affordable price point. On its website, Amazon offers a user’s guide that states:

The Kindle Fire HDX is an amazing device that offers everything you need to read, watch and listen to your favorite content. It has a high-resolution display with special features like X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows. Plus, it has powerful hardware for smooth performance.

What Is Marketing Research

What are the weaknesses?

There are many obstacles that can hinder your marketing efforts, like advertising costs and the lack of information you need.

Limitations in marketing research can lead to lost opportunities and costly mistakes. Growing your business is tougher than ever with less data — so how do you find the information you need without breaking the bank?

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How can these be addressed?: What Is Marketing Research

Marketing research is not always accurate. How can the strengths and weaknesses of a product or service be addressed?

This is where Jasper.ai comes in!

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You can also use this tool to see what your competitors are doing, in order to stay ahead of the game. Are they using Facebook ads? How are they using Instagram? What do they like to talk about on Twitter? The possibilities are endless with Jasper.ai.

What customer needs does the product/service satisfy?

When it comes to marketing research, it can be tough to break down what your customers actually need and are happy with your product or service.

Where do you even begin? What questions do you need to ask? How can you schedule a time for research without harming the quality of data you’re receiving? This frustration is real, and it’s hard to know where to start.

A quick five-minute survey will help you determine the things that really matter for your company, get a sense of what customers search for, and find out whether or not that product is worth investing in. Not only does this save time compared to doing traditional market research, but it also ensures that you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Only invest in a product that your customers trust and love. If they’re not talking about it, then it’s not worth your time or money.

Testimonials are a great way to see how satisfied customers are with your company and product, especially when they feel compelled to share their thoughts with others. We are committed to providing you with the best service in the industry.

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How Is Marketing Research Used by Businesses Today?

Marketing research is used by businesses to determine the best ways to reach their audiences, which includes everything from advertising to sales.

What Are The Best Practices for Conducting Market Research?

Some of the best practices for conducting market research are:

  • Conducting primary research

  • Conducting secondary research

  • Testing your hypothesis with focus groups and surveys.

Conducting primary research: What Is Marketing Research

It’s hard to know what to do with your marketing research when you don’t know the appropriate way to do it. You might be spending hours of your day digging through data and searching for the answer when you should be focusing on doing something more productive.

What if it were easier? What if there were an easy and effective way to conduct primary research so that you can get more time back in your life?

Conducting primary research in marketing research is now easier than ever before with Jasper.ai Primary Research. With just a few clicks, Jasper.ai will help you get what you need out of every bit of data available. It’s the easiest way to get marketing research done for your organization.

Whether you’re conducting a primary research project on your own or sourcing data from reputable sources, Jasper.ai is the most affordable and easiest way to get the information you need.

What Is Marketing Research

Conducting secondary research: What Is Marketing Research

When conducting secondary research, you are often looking for information that is not already in the public domain.

The key to secondary research is knowing how to set out your objectives and using the right sources for that objective. Secondary research is about understanding the existing market and determining gaps or needs in a market.

The best way to conduct secondary research is to look at what current brands are doing, then formulate your own strategy from their success. If a brand has a successful product but no marketing strategy, you can use what they have done as inspiration for your own campaign.

Testing your hypothesis with focus groups and surveys.

It can be difficult to know what your audience wants, and if the right copy is being presented.

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time on marketing experiments that have no meaning. In-depth marketing research takes time and effort to learn from, while focus groups and surveys are short and usually don’t get to the heart of the matter.

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Three key objectives of market research

In order to achieve these objectives, marketers conduct qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to gather information on target audiences.

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Qualitative research methods such as surveys are used for gathering information on consumers’ needs or wants in order to provide them with products that meet those needs or wants.

Quantitative research methods such as surveys are used for gathering information on competitors or market trends in order to gain an advantage over them.

Typically, a market research project may have three different types of objectives.

Administrative: Through effective planning, coordination, and management of both human and material resources, you may aid in a company’s growth and, in doing so, meet all of the market’s specific needs at the appropriate moment.

Social: Provide a necessary good or service to meet the wants of the customer. When used by a customer, a product or service should adhere to their needs and preferences.

Economical: Calculate the economic degree of success or failure a business can experience while entering a new market or introducing new goods or services in another way, providing assurance for all future activities.

What is the importance of marketing research?

The importance of marketing research lies in understanding what consumers want, how they think, and what they need. This helps marketers to identify gaps in products, services, or markets and create new ones.

Marketing research is also important for understanding consumer behavior, which is essential for developing effective marketing strategies.

Market research is crucial and should be taken into account in any business for the reasons listed below:

Valuable information: In order to assist organizations plan and strategizing effectively, it gives information and opportunities about the value of both new and existing items.

Customer-centric: Finding out what the clients want and need is helpful. Understanding customers’ requirements and how to cater to them can help firms create products or services that appeal to them the most. Marketing is customer-centric. Keep in mind that tracking your customers’ journeys is a terrific method to learn important details about how they feel about your business.

Forecasts: Businesses can forecast their production and sales by comprehending customer wants. The ideal inventory stock can be determined with the use of market research.

Competitive advantage: Market research is an essential tool for conducting comparative studies in order to keep ahead of rival businesses. Businesses can create business plans that will keep them one step ahead of their rivals.

How Marketing Research Can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases

Marketing research has been around for decades, but it has recently been redefined and made more relevant by the rise of big data and analytics. Marketing research helps companies to understand their customers better, which in turn helps them grow their business.

The different ways to use it are as follows:

  • Predictive

  • Modeling,

  • Segmentation,

  • Customer lifecycle management,

  • Creating demand-based campaigns, etc.

Predictive: What Is Marketing Research

A lot of marketing research teams are struggling with developing effective campaigns that work. They have a hard time discovering what type of customer they are targeting and which messages resonate most with the customers they want to reach.

There’s a lot of data to sift through, create dashboards, and more. A lot of companies can’t handle all this information on their own, so they pay for it to be done by outside sources.

Predictive allows marketers to create targeted campaigns that work. It’s a predictive analytics engine that captures highly detailed consumer data to determine who your target audience is and what the best marketing strategy is.

The platform uses artificial intelligence and data from over 200,000 different sources to gauge which marketing activities will be most effective for each person.

This gives marketers a clear understanding of the people who are more likely to buy their product or brand, giving them greater ROI in their advertising campaigns.

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Predictive also provides a way for brands to predict the day, time, or location for the best results in their ad campaign.

Retailers can leverage predictive analytics to understand which sales promotions are most likely to produce business.

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Modeling: What Is Marketing Research

The field of marketing research is a complicated one, and I often find it difficult to understand what it means.

Modeling is a keyword in the world of marketing research. Without modeling, there would be no inferences or predictions for marketers to make.

Modeling is simply using data to make predictions from data. Marketing research has many different fields which use modeling techniques including marketing analytics and predictive modeling. The great thing about this technique is that it can be used on any marketable idea, so why not dabble in some modeling?

Segmentation: What Is Marketing Research

Interesting pieces of information that are helpful for understanding why customers buy what they do, what is important to them, and how much they are willing to spend.

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Segmentation reveals the human side of marketing research, providing precious insights into the psychology of consumers. It allows you to understand your consumers’ motivations behind purchasing a specific product, find out why they didn’t buy your product, or even gain access to their shopping cart on their website.

Segmentation is one of the most important tools in marketing research. Learn how to segment your target audience and explore the different opportunities that come with understanding each group today.

Customer lifecycle management: What Is Marketing Research

Your team is tasked with getting your customers up-to-date on all the new products by conducting customer lifecycle management in marketing research.

You’re responsible for gathering data about customer needs and wants, predicting their future behavior, and then creating innovative marketing materials that will drive profitable sales in the future.

Customer lifecycle management in marketing research is the design and maintenance of a customer’s journey throughout the purchase process. It involves managing data collection and storage with technology while optimizing the customer experience.

Creating demand-based campaigns, etc.: What Is Marketing Research

It is not enough to just know your audience; you must have a well-crafted marketing plan that goes beyond basic demographics and what they want.

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There are a lot of people who are not sure how their brand can compete with the big brands, or how best to strategize when marketing research is considered the most expensive part of running a business.

Creating demand-based campaigns in marketing research is choosing what’s right for YOU and being willing to take risks based on data and analytics.

What are the Best Marketing Research Tools And Websites in the Market

Marketing research tools and websites are essential for a digital marketer to be successful. With the right data and insights, marketers can create content that is more relevant to their audience.

Marketing research tools and websites help marketers understand how customers feel about their products, what they need, what they want, and even how they behave online. This is crucial for them to create content that resonates with their target audience.

The best marketing research tool has been found to be Google Analytics which is used by most of the top digital agencies in the world today.

What are the Advantages of Doing Market Research Surveys Online Versus Offline?

Market research surveys are conducted to explore the market and understand different opinions on a product, service, or brand.

Some advantages of doing online surveys include:

  • Higher response rates

  • Data is collected in real-time

  • No need for expensive equipment or labor

  • Anywhere in the world can perform this action.

  • You can track responses, analyze data, and adapt your approach accordingly

The disadvantages of doing online surveys include:

  • Higher response rates can increase workload, lower quality of data, and lead to more time spent on analysis and deployment

  • Data is not as accurate as in-person surveys because participants are anonymous

  • Lack of face-to-face contact can limit feedback from individuals about emotions, personal identity, and culture

  • It may be difficult to capture cultural differences in survey responses.

What are the Advantages of Doing Market Research Surveys Offline?

Market research is a crucial step in the process of creating any marketing strategy. It helps marketers to understand the needs and wants of their target audience as well as find out what is working or not for them.

Market research surveys offline are different from online surveys because they are less likely to be influenced by digital devices, internet connectivity, and social media. Offline research is more likely not to be affected by the opinions of those who aren’t able to answer the survey.

How Do Marketers Make Decisions?: What Is Marketing Research

Marketers have a lot of decision-making power in their hands. They can decide how to market their products and services, what marketing campaigns to run, what media channels to use, and who they want to target. But the decisions they make can sometimes backfire the most.

Marketers should always be aware of the consequences of their decisions. They should also know that it is not easy for them to make a decision that will backfire the most because there are so many variables involved in every decision-making process.

Marketing campaigns that backfire the most are those that do not generate enough sales or leads for a company or those that cost more than they generate in revenue.

The Difference Between Marketing and Sales Data

Marketing and sales data are often used interchangeably. However, they are different in terms of what they aim to achieve. Marketing data is typically used to identify trends and gauge performance while sales data is used to find out how much more money can be made.

There is a difference between marketing and sales data. Marketers use marketing data to understand their customers better while salespeople use it for understanding the market better.

The main difference between marketing and sales data is that marketers use it for identifying trends while salespeople use it for finding out how much more money can be made by targeting certain groups of customers.

5 Business Market Research Tips

1. Conduct your own research.

2. Hire a professional to do the research for you.

3. Use social media to find out what people are talking about.

4. Use a data analysis tool to find out what people are saying about your product or service on social media platforms and other public forums like blogs, forums, and comment sections of articles in newspapers and magazines.

5. Conduct an online survey or poll to find out what people think of your product or service before launching it into production.

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It is important for marketers to stay ahead of their competition and identify the best ways to market their business. Today, many companies are using marketing research tools to identify the best marketing strategies for their business.

The conclusion of this section is that marketers should be using marketing research tools in their businesses today feel free to ask any question in the comment box below and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can thank you for a read stay in touch always.


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