The customer route as a strategy in email marketing campaigns

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From the moment a client knows the brand until they disassociate themselves from it, each of these steps that a user goes through are important to know when is the best time to arrive with useful information or a promotion, and that our campaign can be seen and captured in the best way.

There are several aspects to consider within a marketing strategy, since one of the objectives that we set for ourselves when launching a campaign is to reach the customer, that they receive our message and transmit it to other users so that it can be more effective our launch.

If it is about marketing a company or a brand, we cannot forget about digital marketing, since among its multiple tools it gives us the advantage of having the best technologies at our fingertips at the precise moment they are developed, for which It is essential to have this method within our marketing plan.

Some people or organizations decide to establish a more advanced route such as paid advertising, but others prefer a more common method that most users today have: mail.

Mail messages are the most common today, and it is not uncommon for our inboxes to receive various promotions from pages we have been browsing or to which we subscribe to be connected with news and offers of a service or product that we liked it; however, we often receive messages that are not necessarily to our liking or that do not provide us with that extra that we want.

This is why each company manages its own mailing list, and thus sends the information it requires to the right person at the right time, the key being the correct study of our clients, categorizing each one according to the stage in which you are at that moment in which we are going to send you the information.

Next, we will see what these phases are in which a user develops as he relates to a brand, and in what way and with what content we have to attract his attention to achieve our sales objectives, whether these are services or a product. especially.

  • Exploration

This phase is the initial one when we approach a client directly, they are usually people who have never met our brand before or who have not received any of our services or products, being the most convenient to have a large base. of information, in this case that is punctual for the user, so previously it is necessary to have knowledge of what the user’s tastes and needs are, and based on this provide the data that he requires.

This stage involves:

  • high research
  • Consideration

Here our client is already in a state of contemplation with our product/service, he has already read our emails and has been attracted by the information we have provided; Knowing it will be easy, since it will answer our emails asking for more information or through a mailing tool we will know if our emails are opened or not.

This stage involves:

  • Information quality
  • Response time
  • way you communicate
  • Decision

In this last phase, the customer is about to take our products or services, that is, he is ready to make the purchase, so it will be of vital importance to provide real-time support, which is immediate, resolving all his doubts and drawbacks.

This stage involves:

  • Offer a tangible solution to your needs
  • Propose the quality of our product/service
  • Cost according to your budget
  • Establish benefits associated with the purchase of the product/service

Sending an email marketing consists of these three main stages, as long as there is a successful search of where the user is in order to provide the information at the right time, and our efforts will be rewarded in conversions.

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