How to choose the goodies to offer?

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If the fashion has long been to offer goodies that are useless and could be content to be beautiful, it is clear that the consumer today sees this practice with a dim view. It has now become necessary to be original and at least durable or even useful if you want them to have a positive impact on your customer. Zoom on the elements to take into account before choosing your goodies.

 The target: the basic element

There is no point in offering something that your recipient does not like. The tendency always remains to offer what one would like to receive oneself. However, you are not necessarily your target and what pleases you may not suit him perfectly. It is above all a question of knowing her well in order to make her happy. Otherwise, you could flop and see your goodies end up directly in the trash. To do this, the simplest thing is to carefully analyze your target in order to determine their habits and their purchases in order to possibly provide them with goodies that they would like to own. Of course, you can try to guess what would make him happy, but sometimes the easiest way is to ask him the question in order to make your choice among the many existing goodies. Of course,

Useful goodies in the daily life of your target

Until recently, it was common to offer gadget goodies. The goal was above all to ensure that they are as original as possible as a priority for many companies. It is clear that the useless gadget fashion is outdated and it is now a question of choosing objects that are truly useful such as a personalized key ring. They must therefore preferably be part of the daily life of the target and their lifespan must be as long as possible. Why ? Already because they will remain within reach of their hand or even their sight. Then because they will use it and therefore see your brand each time they use it, which will bring back good memories of you. Goodies indirectly convey the message that your company offers something useful, which will be assimilated to your service/product. In the same way the quality of the object should not be neglected because it reflects not only the respect you have for your customers but also for your products/services. 

Originality is key

If originality is no longer necessarily necessary, it remains a good way to stand out and ensure that it marks the mind of your interlocutor. The more unique your goodies are, the more you will tend to mark the mind of your customer. It is clear that we rarely remember the one who offered us a calendar even if he is often consulted for example. Originality, however, represents a risk because it can quickly turn into “kitsch”. It is therefore not a competition to be as original as possible in all aspects, but to be so, for example, in the design. Some goodies are no longer original, such as pens or mugs, which have become standards in this area, but retain their usefulness. If you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you want to offer, specialized sites likeGoodiesPub , can give you relevant ideas.

Goodies in line with your values.

We too often forget that goodies convey the image of your brand. They must therefore not come into opposition with your values ​​and you must check that they do not come into contradiction with them. Otherwise, it could have a counterproductive effect because it is above all a means of communication.

In this context, it is often recommended to choose goodies that are eco-responsible, a value that has become almost unavoidable in the modern world. It is not a question of polluting the planet, which explains the disappearance of plastic bags in favor of recyclable bags in a good number of professional events when documentation is transmitted, for example.

Goodies that can under the sign of commitment

Among the major trends of the moment, that of socially engaged goodies stands out. In this context, some prefer goodies made in France or even those that support the circular economy. In this sense, it is often a question of limiting the waste of resources and the environmental impact. It is then a question of taking into account the supply which must be sustainable, eco-design, functionality, the consumption generated by your goodies, their duration of use or the potential recycling of your objects.

 Finally, you must not forget certain essential criteria when choosing objects since your logo must remain visible. The marking surface must remain large enough for the text to be readable or for your logo to appear clearly. 


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