How To Be Successful On Fiverr: Everything You Need To Know.

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How to be successful on Fiverr – Last year after the COVID pandemic, working from home got too much popularity.

According to Global workplace analytics, every 1 of 4 Americans workforce will be working remotely from 2021 upward.

Hence, this implies that the remote workforce number is going to increase in the coming years.

And if you are also one of the enthusiasts who want to earn online but do not know where to start? Do not worry anymore as in this article I will reveal one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, “Fiverr.” where you can showcase your talent and get paid.

Most people think that a Fiverr job pays 5$, but it’s not true. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily make good money depending on the skills you offer.


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How To Be Successful On Fiverr?

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Now that you know a little more about the Fiverr affiliate program, let’s take a look at how you can start earning money. Here are a few tips:

1. Share your referral link on your website or blog.

2. Post about Fiverr services on social media.

3. Include links to Fiverr services in your email signature.

4. Refer friends and family to Fiverr.

There are many ways to promote Fiverr services, and the more you share, the more money you can earn. Be sure to check out the Fiverr affiliate program guidelines for more information on how to get started.

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How To Be Successful On Fiverr
The image shows Fiverr’s revenue

The following Fiverr revenue from 2017 to 2020 clearly demonstrates its worth has increased, and it is no longer a low-paying marketplace.

Without wasting much of your time, here’s how you can earn money on Fiverr in 2021. Keep reading.

What is Fiverr? (Freelance services Marketplace for businesses)

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is a free freelance online marketplace that provides an online platform for freelancers to showcase their talent and get paid.

Here they can provide a variety of services to different businesses like Graphic Designing, Programming, Website Development, Video Editing, Voice Over, Content and copywriting, SMM, SEO, Digital Marketing, Translation, Data Entry, and many more services.

There are more than 200 categories of different skills that you can provide on Fiverr.

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing the Fiverr join button

To sum up the question: what kind of platform is Fiverr in a simple way? I will say, “Almost anything you can think of is available on Fiverr now.”

Like there are freelancers who provide Birthday wishing services in a comic style.

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing Fiverr’s sellers

On the official Fiverr website, you will see millions of gigs for almost every type of skill. Fiverr has something to suit every type of professional, from designers to lawyers to musicians.

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing Fiverr’s marketplace

You must be thinking about why this marketplace is called “Fiverr.” Actually, the basic starting price for any kind of gig is 5$. Hence the company name is known as Fiverr. In between, services offered are termed “gigs.”

The main reasons Fiverr has grown as one of the biggest remote work marketplaces are as follows.

  • The working environment is suitable for both freelancers and businesses.
  • The website layout is user-friendly. It only takes a few hours to understand the whole marketplace.
  • Secure payment channels for both freelancers and buyers.

Hence, all these factors add to its popularity in the industry. All that makes it a more demanding way for people to earn money online, whether part-time or professional.
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How Does Fiverr Work?: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

If you are a freelancer with any skills that businesses are looking for, then Fiverr permits you to make your profile and list them as gigs. By doing this, you can start selling.

Doesn’t it matter what your skills are? Fiverr gives you the platform to show it off to the online world. The best part is that you earn money while enjoying what you love to do.

That’s also the best thing about freelancing mostly you are paid for your passion. If your passion is drawing sketches or writing poems, you can quickly provide them on Fiverr and get paid.

The procedure of job hunting is not that complex; it’s simple. But first, it’s crucial that you should know how the platform works.

VEA: Run your business remotely

It is essential for you to understand both Fiverr parties that are involved in the transaction.

These are:

  • Sellers
  • Buyers

Who are Sellers on Fiverr?: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

A seller is a person who offers his services. In simple words, a freelancer is a seller who has a talent, and by showcasing it to businesses, he can make money on Fiverr.

How do earn money on Fiverr, now the question arises how the seller will get the work on Fiverr? For this, he has to set up his profile and list gigs relevant to his skills. Your success as a seller depends on the level or type of skill you are offering.

Who are Buyers on Fiverr?: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

A buyer is a person who wants to purchase services from a freelancer. For this, he uses the search box to find the seller according to his requirements.

After searching in the search tool, Fiverr shows specific results relevant to that keyword. For example, if you want a “content writer,” Searching will bring you content writing gigs,

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing Fiverr’s Gigs search page

After searching, the buyer will open the gig that’s more suitable for his requirements. He will check the seller’s profile before placing the order to ensure that the freelancer meets his needs. That’s why it’s necessary to optimize your profile and gigs.

On searching any keyword in the search box, Fiverr shows gigs that are experienced sellers with good reviews. So, that buyers can easily find a skilled person for a specific task.

Moreover, that does not mean Fiverr is only for experienced sellers with old profiles. It also gives an excellent chance to newbies too. All in all, buyers hire sellers for their tasks.

  • Two-Way Communication System: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Hence, it’s clear that sellers and buyers are part of a Fiverr two-way communication system. The buyer can find the seller by using a search tool to find the freelancer according to his task requirements, and the seller can reach the buyer via buyer requests.
To learn more about Fiverr business, VISIT HERE.

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How does the Fiverr search algorithm work?: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

This is a question that confuses many people. Even many freelancers who are working on the platform already do not know about its algorithm. How does it work? How does Fiverr show your gig to buyers? No need to be confused anymore!
How to earn money on Fiverr, here is everything you need to know about Fiverr’s search algorithm. There are several factors that decide how your gig shows up in people’s searches.

  1. Reviews
    You may have noticed that the sellers on the first pages usually have a large number of reviews. Fiverr’s search algorithm works in such a way that it promotes the best sellers. Why is it so? There are many reasons.
    Firstly, it provides ease to buyers. They do not have to browse through many pages to find an experienced seller. They can simply search for the service with a name and find a professional freelancer.
    Also, it gives benefits to advanced sellers. Since they have been around for so long, they deserve this advantage! Freelancers with high reviews are the best ones in the marketplace.
    They are reviewed by multiple buyers and are recommended to others. So, as a seller, if you want to reach the first page, you will need a long experience. You will have to complete a lot of orders and gain positive reviews.
    Although there are other factors that affect the search algorithm, this is an integral one.
  2. Keywords
    Keywords play the role of “unwritten rules.” It means that they are not promoted by the marketplace that much, yet they can take your gig to upper levels. How is that? Well, it is due to the SEO-friendly approach.
    You might be thinking about how someone can use SEO elements in their gig, right? Let us explain.
    Firstly, your gig description and title contain a lot of text, and with it, an opportunity to include keywords. Keywords can help you rank your gig to a better place without reviews.
    But, the question is how to use them in your gig. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is to select one service. Let’s consider Logo Design as an example. Now, search the phrase on Fiverr’s search bar.
    You will see all the gigs related to it. However, you will also notice the variations of the key phrase, for instance, unique logo design, business logo design, etc. From these phrases, look for the ones with less competition.
    Now, corporate it in your gig title as well as description. However, you do not have to use it a lot. Only use where it is necessary and inflow.
    With that said, using the right keywords can help you get the upper hand over your competitor gigs. You can find various tools that help you discover popular and demanded keywords. But, it is best to do it yourself.
  3. Gig Impressions
    On the “My Gigs” page, you can find detailed analytics of your gigs. It shows how many people have viewed and clicked on it. This is called Gig Impressions.
    It shows how many people have actually visited your profile, gone through your portfolio, etc. If it has had a good number of impressions in recent days, your gig will definitely go up.
    However, Fiverr has an intelligent algorithm. Users with fake views and clicks are discarded. Their impressions do not count. Hence, they stay in their position.
    The only thing you need to know is the more impressions you get in fewer days; the higher your gig will rank. It’s as simple as that!
  4. Orders in Queue
    After reviews, your orders in the queue represent your experience. The more orders you have in ending, the better it will be for you. Why is that?
    As mentioned earlier, Fiverr promotes trusted and highly-reviewed sellers. That is why those freelancers with pending orders are ranked higher than others. It shows that other clients are choosing this seller. And why a buyer should choose them.
  5. Other Factors
    There are also many miscellaneous factors that decide a gig’s ranking. The first one is good news for the new sellers. When you create a new gig, it is instantly placed in the “New” section, among other newly-created gigs.
    For a couple of weeks, the gig stays there. You might be thinking do clients even visit that section? Not a lot of them do. However, there is still a good point you can take from this. During your stay there, you can get as many impressions as you can. So, when you join regular gigs, you are placed high there.
    The second one is for experienced freelancers. Another way to be found easily is by getting your gig “Featured.” But, it is not that easy. In fact, it requires something unique out of your gig.
    If you are offering something unique in your niche, Fiverr will automatically put you in the Featured section. Since that section only has a few gigs, it is easy for buyers to find what they are looking for.
    You can search any service or keyword, HERE.
How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing how to rank your gigs on Fiverr

How to Rank Your Gig Higher: How To Be Successful On Fiverr
If you want to rank your gig higher, you will need to follow the instructions mentioned above. Let’s go through them one by one.

How to earn money on Fiverr, first of all, if you are creating a new gig, make sure to integrate keywords naturally. We have mentioned the way of finding the right keywords.

Once you are in the “New” section, wait there for two weeks. Your gig should be unique and engaging enough to gain impressions even in this section. When it does, you will get the benefit.

After coming out of “New,” your impressions will help you get new ones. Hence, you will be moving forward from your competitors.
As you get more and more views, you will hopefully start getting orders. Complete them and keep some in the queue. This will help you reach an even higher position.

How to earn money on Fiverr, If you are doing something unique in your niche, congratulations! Fiverr will put you in the Featured gigs. Here, buyers will be able to find you easily without wasting time searching.
Following these steps will help you get higher. You will get more impressions and orders, which will get you even more impressions and orders. Thus, this cycle will continue.

Fiverr vs. other popular freelance marketplaces

There are hundreds of other freelance marketplaces that are considered “alternates” to Fiverr. But are they really? Can you rely on these marketplaces like Fiverr?
Some of the most popular freelance marketplaces are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour
  • Task Rabbit
  • Truelancer
  • Work Market

There are many more. However, these are the most popular ones. Although they are marketplaces like Fiverr, they are not similar.
To understand how they work, you must first know that all of the ones mentioned above are “Traditional Marketplaces.” It means that clients post a job there, and freelancers bid on the job.

How to earn money on Fiverr, for instance, a client has posted a task for graphic designers. They asked to make a business logo for their company. All the graphic designers who have expertise in this field will make job offers.

Their job offers may include a cover letter, price, and deadline. If the client likes the offer, he will reach back to the freelancer. These marketplaces have a search option, where you can search for jobs.

There, you will see all the tasks that are still up and hiring. You can apply for them by writing a cover letter.

On the other hand, Fiverr is a “Non-traditional Marketplace.” Here, freelancers post their gigs and portfolios while the clients look for freelancers. It is precisely the opposite.

However, Fiverr also helps in other ways. For instance, you can use its feature to search for jobs as well. It means that this marketplace can work both ways.
There are some marketplaces like Fiverr that work both traditionally and non-traditionally. But, most of them are restricted to one.

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How to earn money on Fiverr, you can even see the latest jobs from clients related to your skill. You can apply them by writing a small and crisp application and linking your portfolio.

The main question is which one is better? The advantage of Fiverr is the variety of skills. You do not need to learn the mainstream skills, such as graphic designing, web designing, etc.

You can start simply by using the skill you already have a grip on. Other marketplaces do not support such services, such as voice-over, mimicking, etc. If you want to earn there, you will have to do the same as hundreds of freelancers on the platform.

Fiverr allows you to bring out your creativity and do something unique. Are you a good music producer? Or, do you have translation skills? Well, then you are good to start on Fiverr.

How to earn money on Fiverr, you can create a gig or multiple gigs, depending on the services you can offer. If your work has potential and is different from others, clients will definitely hire you.

From small services, such as meal plans, voice-over, and game coaching to high-level skills, including game development, dance lessons, and data analytics, Fiverr has it all. It is a one-stop shop for all kinds of skills. The best part is you can define your expertise from beginner to intermediate to advanced. This way, clients can find you easily.

Why Fiverr should be your freelance marketplace of choice: How To Be Successful On Fiverr
After discussing the potential competitors, let’s see why you should choose Fiverr. Here are all the reasons:

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing the Fiverr logo
  • The Huge Population
    Fiverr is the most populated marketplace. This goes for not only freelancers but also sellers. Some people consider this a disadvantage. They think that it is difficult for them to get work because there are too many sellers.
  • However, it does not work like that. As mentioned above, you can easily rank your gig and outrun your competitors. Similarly, getting orders is not difficult either.
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, for instance, if your work is different from others, clients will definitely hire you. People are actually looking for those unique and skilled freelancers. If you can distinguish yourself from others, then you will get orders.
  • In fact, the massive number of users can play as a benefit you. You are destined to be discovered, even if you are new. You will see that many freelancers start their careers with Fiverr, even though they have no experience before.
  • If there is anything about the population on Fiverr, it is undoubtedly a positive side. Just make sure to add something special to your craft to get noticed.
  • Variety of Services
    Although this has been briefly discussed before, let’s take a detailed look. Is there really such a vast variety as Fiverr advertises? The short answer is, Yes.
    If you just open Fiverr and see the number of services provided there, you will be surprised. Only in the “Writing” category, there are so many subcategories, such as Article Writing, Proofreading, Blog Post Writing, Magazine Writing, and the list goes on.
  • Similarly, graphic design, sounds & music, translation, programming, and every other skill is broad. It contains a wide range of subcategories. And, it is an advantage for both clients as well as sellers, here’s why.
  • Other popular marketplaces, like Guru, Upwork, Picoworkers, and Freelancer, include only mainstream services. Those can be Graphic Design, Content Writing, Programming, etc. There are rarely any variations. It can be challenging for freelancers to find out the right field for them.
  • As for buyers, they would also face problems finding the right service providers. That is because they will be looking at a broad genre, not the specific one.
  • Fiverr is a platform for people who want to express their talents. They can get started without wasting much time finding their category.
  • Easy Pricing Options
    Most other marketplaces ask you to set your fixed rate. On Fiver, however, you can make three pricing plans. They can be classified as basic, intermediate, and advanced. For each plan, you can set a different price, depending on your service.
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, for instance, you are offering writing services. As your basic plan, you can set different rules, like a 500-word article. For intermediate, it can be 1000 words, and 2000 words for Advanced.
  • You can also change different factors regarding these packages, including revisions, keywords, etc. It all depends on your offered service.
  • Good, right? Well, there’s more. You can even add custom plans other than these three. For them, you can set requirements as you prefer.
  • Also, the easy part about Fiverr’s pricing is that it starts at $5. No matter your area of expertise, the lowest you can go is $5. But, with the availability of three packages, you can set your prices as you want.
  • Beginners usually ask this question how much they should charge when starting out? But, they will not face such difficulty on Fiverr as it will sort out the prices for them.
  • Fiverr Academy
    Are you a new freelancer but want to grow? Then, you will need to learn a lot on the way. But, worry not. If you are signed up on Fiverr, you can learn from them.
    The Fiverr Academy is a very useful feature. It helps you learn all about freelancing from scratch. The academy offers all the essential lessons, such as creating a gig, communicating with clients, and setting your prices.
  • The best part is that it is entirely free. There is no course, no premium version, etc. You can take all the lessons without any cost and step up your freelancing game in no time.
  • Works Both Ways
    If you think Fiverr is just about creating an account and leaving it until you get orders, then you might be very wrong. In fact, Fiverr can work much like traditional marketplaces if you want it to. Here’s how.
  • Firstly, your gig will not get orders until you have that many impressions. But, you can see the latest jobs from clients. Fiverr offers a special “Buyer’s request” feature.
  • When you click on it, you will see new posts related to your service. You can apply for it by writing a job application. And, you do not have to attach your samples there. That is because the buyer will visit your profile to see your portfolio.
  • However, these requests do not stay offered. The reason why they appear in the section is due to their urgent needs. Once the client finds the right seller, the request is removed.
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, if you want to catch more clients, you will have to stay updated. Make sure to keep your Fiverr Online Status. It shows responsibility from your side, and clients usually look for sellers who are online, especially if the job is urgent.
    Due to these reasons, it is safe to say that Fiverr is much more than a “Non-Traditional” marketplace.
  • No Payment Issues
    Many people complain about their experience on different marketplaces. And, their main issue is usually the payment method. After you have submitted the work and the client has paid you, these marketplaces take a good amount as their part.
  • And that’s not the worst part. Even after deducting some of your amounts, they leave the payment in “processing.” It is just a trick to keep you working on the platform.
  • However, Fiverr does not have such issues. Once the client pays you, it comes to your account. Now it depends on you when you want to withdraw it. That is why people have no issues with payment on it.
  • Straightforward Projects
    On Fiverr, the projects are quick and easy. The client will provide you with the proper instructions, which are enough to get you started. There will not be additional tasks regarding the posted projects.
  • Many marketplaces open a means of communication between client and seller. While it is good, it can create problems as well. Many people get scammed through that. You will find many fake clients on such platforms offering you long-term projects without even seeing your skill.
  • Fiverr leaves no door open for negotiation. However, clients can ask you if you want to continue working for them. But, the main focus is the current project. There are also no negotiations for the price, which makes the tasks simple and straightforward.

What to sell on Fiverr?: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

As mentioned earlier, Fiverr is the one-stop shop for all kinds of services. If you have a firm grip on a specific skill, you can find others like it. This way, you can create multiple gigs.
With that said, let’s take a deep look at all the categories and subcategories that you can sell on Fiverr.

An image showing categories and their subcategories that you can sell on Fiverr.

Writing: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

How to earn money on Fiverr, let’s start with Writing. On Fiverr, you can offer all sorts of writing services. Here are some of them.

Website Writing, Blog Posts, Articles, Product Reviews, Product Descriptions, Copywriting, Proofreading & Editing, SEO writing, Press releases, Magazines, Newsletter headlines, Whitepapers, Academic writing, Guides/How-to, Listicle content, Translated letters, Guest Posts, and much more.

Graphic Designing: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

How to earn money on Fiverr, is probably, the most famous service, not only on Fiverr but on all freelance marketplaces. But, it is a very broad umbrella term. Fiverr allows these services under graphic designing:

Logos, Business cards, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, T-shirt designs, Social Media posts, Websites, Cover art, Profile Pictures, Hand-drawn sketches, Photo editing, Illustrations, 2D Art, 3D Art, Vector Art, App design, Book design, Patterns, Album Cover, and much more.

Music & Audio: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

This one falls more into the “advanced” skills. That is because creating music and audio is not a job for everyone. However, here are some of the related services you can offer:

How to earn money on Fiverr, you do Voice-over, Songwriting, Mixing & Mastering, Producing, Composing, Beat Making, Looping, Audio Editing, Sound Design, music editing, Vocals, Podcasts, Dialogues, Remixing, Synth Presents, Mashups, Intros & Outros, Music Transcription, and much more.

Video & Animation: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Another skill that takes a lot of time and effort to master is video & Animation. Fiverr supports its hardworking freelancers. Hence these are some of the services available to offer:

How to earn money on Fiverr, you can Video Editing, Short clips, Whiteboard animations, Intros & Outros, Lyric Videos, Music Videos, Kids’ animations, Animations for streaming, VFX, Article to video, introductory videos, educational videos, unboxing, drones, trailers for movies and games, and much more.

Programming & Tech: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

The wide variety of Programming & Tech related services include:
WordPress, Game Development, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Software, Cybersecurity, IT Support, File conversion, Blockchain, Coding, Programming lessons, Chatbots, E-commerce store development, and much more.

Digital Marketing: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Digital Marketing is a vast field. Only a skilled person would know this. Some of the relevant skills include:

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SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Podcast Marketing, Public relations, Video Advertising, SEM, Crowdfunding, Web Analytics, Influencer marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile App Advertising, Web Traffic, E-Commerce Marketing, and much more.

Business: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Want to be the source of prospering and consulting one’s business? Here are some business-related skills you can offer on Fiverr:

Market Research, Virtual Assistant, Sales, Project Management, Business Plans, Customer Care, Recruitment, HR Consulting, Financial Consulting, E-Commerce Management, Presentations, Supply Chain Management, Career Counseling, Flyer distribution, and much more.

Data: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Data sciences include the following services on Fiverr:
Database, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Processing, Data Visualisation, Consultation, Data Entry, and much more.

How to earn money on Fiverr, if you visit Fiverr’s service directory, you will find out a lot more. Chances are you would know a skill or two from that vast last. So, you can get started without spending a lot of time learning.

Fiverr promotes breaking the mainstream limitations. It provides a platform to provide even out-of-the-box services. This way, even newbies can start offering what they can do best.

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How To Start Selling: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

An image showing how To Start Selling on Fiverr

How To Be Successful On Fiverr – Fiverr is an easy-to-use marketplace. It has a simple interface that allows you to navigate all features. Similarly, starting to sell your business is not difficult at all. However, it will take a little time if you have not created your profile.
With that said, here is the complete process you need to follow to start selling on Fiverr.

  • Creating a Seller Profile
    Fiverr allows you to create seller and buyer profiles. Since we are creating a Seller profile, here’s how it is done.
  • First, you will have to insert the necessary information, such as Full name, Description, Profile Picture, and Language of fluency, and you are good!
    Now, it will ask you about your professional information. It is simple, you just need to enter Occupation, Education, Skills, Certifications, and Website (if you have any). You can also link other Social and Professional accounts to your Fiverr Profile.
  • Lastly, you will have to set up security measures for your account. You can verify your email and phone number via text or call. Once you are done, click on Continue.
  • The below video tutorial will teach you more in-depth:

  • Creating a Gig
    How to earn money on Fiverr, is where things start getting complicated. But, no need to worry. Just follow these steps:
  1. After logging in, select “Switch to Selling” and “Gigs.”
  2. Select “Create a New Gig.”

Now, you will enter information for your Gig Overview. Follow the below steps:

  1. Enter Gig Title. You will see “I will” is already given. You will just have to finish the sentence. For example, your skill is article writing, so your sentence will be like “I will write Unique Articles.”
  2. Next, you will need to select the category of your service. Fiverr already sets depending on your title. You just have to make sure it is correct and pick a subcategory.
  3. The following two steps are “Service Type” and “Gig Meta Data.” But, these sections are only available for a few services.
  4. Now, You will see a “Search Tags” field. Here you can enter up to five tags that describe your service. They are vital and, if entered correctly, help clients find your gig.

Now comes the most important part, pricing. As mentioned earlier, Fiverr allows you to make three different plans. We’ll be learning to make them in the following steps:

  1. Right off the bat, you will see three sections for packages. First, type their titles.
  2. Second, you have to enter the description for them. All the details about what you will deliver in each package should be entered here.
    For instance, if you are a writer, your description would look something like “An Article of 500 words with comprehensive research and two focus keywords.”
  3. Next, you will click on “Delivery Time.” It is a drop-down menu that will ask you to select a specific number of days. You can set it differently in all three plans.
  4. How to earn money on Fiverr, you will also see a “Service Extras” option. You can enter here different items to add to your main service.
    As a writer, you can provide related images, citations, etc. The same goes for various other services.
  5. After that, you will be asked to set the number of “Revisions.”
    If you are new, revisions basically mean if the client is not satisfied with your work, they ask you to change a few things. You can set 1, 2, or even unlimited.
  6. Last but not least, you will have to enter the price for each package. The least you can go is $5.
    You can set these prices depending on the work intensity of a plan. However, as a new freelancer, your costs should not be very high.
  7. Once you are done with the primary settings, you can also add Extra Services. It is mainly for extra fast delivery time. You can set the price higher than your standard packages.

You also have the option to add extra gigs. For this, you can set a new price, title, description, revisions, etc.
With that said, your gig is ready to go!

However, some services require physical delivery as well. That can include Crafts, collectible items, etc. For this, you will need to do some additional work.

  1. Select the physical shipping checkbox.
  2. Now, set your prices depending on different countries. You can also choose some specific ones.
  3. Once you are done, select “Save and Continue.”

It is important to note that Fiverr highly restricts users from selecting this option if they are not providing a physical delivery.

Now, you will need to enter a description for your gig. It can be up to 1200 characters. Here, you should describe everything buyers need to know about your service. So, write in as much detail as you can. Avoid putting in restricted details, such as contact information, unapproved links, etc.

After that, you can also add some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about your gig. Fiverr allows adding up to eight. Here’s how you can do it.

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  1. Select “Add FAQ.”
  2. Now, add a question that you feel is necessary, and answer it.
  3. To add more, simply click “Add.”
  4. Once done, click on “Save & Continue.”

With that comes the part where you will tell your requirements. This section is to inform clients about what you will need to get started. It is usually regarding the instruction they will give you, along with the order.

  1. Select the “Requirement #1” Field. Here, enter the details you feel are necessary.
  2. To provide an answer to that, there are several options. You can either use free text, add multiple responses, or attach a file.
  3. After you have provided the answer, click on “Add.”
  4. Now, select “Save & Continue” to move to the next step.

Now comes the most exciting part of this process. You can add photos and videos to describe your gig. Interesting, right? Here’s how to do it:

  1. To add a photo, browse through your computer or simply drag it to the “Gig Photos” Area. You can upload up to three images.
    Fiverr only accepts JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF formats. Also, make sure the size does not exceed 50 MB.
    Another thing to note is that the image should not have a copyright claim. If so, then it will not be approved. There are numerous tools that allow you to create gig covers, such as Canva. You can use them to make engaging and beautiful images instead of downloading them from the Internet.
  2. How to earn money on Fiverr, You can also add a Video for your gig.
    The requirements for the video are the same as the image. However, a video should be longer than 75 seconds, and it should describe your gig further.
    It is not mandatory for most services, but if your gig is related to Videos & Animations, then you must add one.
  3. How to earn money on Fiverr, Next, you can also add audio for your gig.
    It is not available for all services. The audio should be in MP3 or MPEG format. It should not be longer than 3:30 minutes and less than 10 MB.
  4. Similarly, you can add a PDF file.
    Adding a PDF file is very recommended for content writers. It will showcase their skills. But, it is important to note that only the first three pages will be displayed.

With that said, you are ready to publish your gig. Simply click on “Publish.” Before doing so, it will ask you to share it on different social media platforms. Select by clicking on their icons.
Now click on “Done.”
If you have added a video with your gig, it will be reviewed first before putting your gig live. If not, then it will instantly go Active.

To make any changes, go to your Gigs and select “Edit” from the drop-down menu. After editing, click on “Save.”

Here is a quick video tutorial to teach you more about creating a gig:

  • Buyer Requests
    You can also send custom offers to buyers. This feature is called “Buyer requests” on Fiverr. It is basically like bidding on job posts that you will see.
    It is simple. After logging in, go to selling> Buyer Requests.
    Now, you will see all the active jobs. To apply on one, click on “Create Custom Offer.” Select further information, and you can send a request.
    Although this feature is very helpful, many people do not know about it. In fact, you will be surprised to see only a handful of people know about Buyer Requests. But, that also gives you a benefit, more chances of being hired.

To learn more about buyer requests, check out this tutorial:

  • Installing Fiverr Application
    Many people are also unfamiliar with the importance of the Fiverr smartphone application. You might also be thinking, why is it useful when you can use the marketplace on your computer, right? Well, there are several reasons.
  • First of all, it allows you to stay online all the time. And, as we said above, clients usually look for online sellers. It can come off as a massive benefit to you. Also, you can not stay online with your computer all the time, but you can definitely bring your smartphone anywhere.
  • That also leads us to the second benefit, the ease of communication. You can always stay connected and in touch with your clients via the smartphone app. Another advantage is that you can instantly switch from seller to buyer mode on the application.
  • You might be convinced to download and install the application at this point. Well, it is free! |
  • Simply search for it on Playstore or Apple Store with the name “Fiverr.” Download it and install it; there are no spams or credit card information needed. After you are done, log in to the application with your account.
  • Here, you will also see an option “Online Status.” Make sure it is always toggled on. It displays whether you are online or not. Also, open your application after every few minutes to show others that you are an active user.
  • Now, you can stay updated on your mobile phone too. It also allows you to apply on buyer requests. What more could you ask for?
  • Taking Skill Tests
    How to earn money on Fiverr, while not mandatory, skill tests can be beneficial in attracting clients. Everyone wants to hire experienced and skilled freelancers. Passing those tests will let buyers know that you are qualified for the service.
  • Other than that, there is also an English language test. It is also not mandatory. However, it shows your fluency in the language. It is only for non-native English speakers.
  • Even experts and advanced freelancers recommend taking part in these tests. They can lead to an excellent start to your Fiverr selling.

With that said, you are ready to earn on Fiverr. Your gig is active, you have installed the application, you are applying on buyer requests, and taking skill tests. Make sure to optimize your profile the best you can.

It means adding a professional profile picture, detailed description, etc. You can also change and customize your gigs whenever you feel necessary. It is best to ensure they fit today’s requirements.

Highest Selling Gigs on Fiverr: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Although every skill has its perks, some are more profitable than others. These are the most demanding skills of recent years. And, the analytics show that they will continue to remain the same in the upcoming years.

An image showing Fiverr’s home page Join

Now that you know about creating a gig and editing it let’s see which ones are the most paying. It will help you learn those skills which are in demand so that you can start with a high earning. So, let’s find out.

  • Video & Animation
    How to earn money on Fiverr, as we’ve discussed before, creating and editing videos is not a job for everyone. It requires immense skill and experience with software, like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
  • Many people watch tutorials to learn this skill. But, it is not that easy at all. In fact, many people who have learned Video skills are not very good at it either. Due to the fewer number of individuals, the skill is highly demanded on almost all marketplaces.
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, however, Video & Animation is a vast field. Its most prominent subcategory is Whiteboard Animation.
  • This particular skill has gained a lot of popularity over the years. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, whiteboard animation became a famous tool for education.
  • Secondly, it can be used for several purposes, including promotions, introductions, information, etc. The bests part is that it is easy to learn. Even a beginner with no prior experience can understand this in no time.
  • That is mainly because of the software available for this job. Many free and paid applications allow you to create whiteboard animation videos without even practicing. You can understand their user interface quickly and start making professional videos.
  • Even a video as short as 30 seconds can get you $5 – 10. You can also use this opportunity to charge more by including additional features, such as voice-over, HD quality, and the client’s watermark.
  • Graphic Design
    Earlier in the article, we mentioned how graphic design is the most popular skill. Its demand is due to its use. It is a niche that had potential from the start and will continue to do so. Here’s why.
  • Tasks like Logo Designing will always stay in the market. That is because there are always new businesses, small and big. They want to have their own identity. Hence, they opt for unique logo designs.
  • So, if you learn this skill, you can start working and earn $10 at the start. Software, like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, is not difficult to use. Once you understand the essential tools, they are straightforward.
    Want a pro tip? You can start your work using Canva. Yes, it is the same tool that we mentioned for making Fiverr cover art. It provides you with countless templates for various designs. With minor editing, you can make it as good as new.
  • Although it is not recommended for professional use, everyone has to start somewhere, right?
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, Flyers, and Business cards are also parts of promoting a business. Plus, they require the same software to create. Business cards are quick to design and can get you $5 at the start.
  • However, flyers are a big piece of design. Hence, their prices are also higher. You can charge up to $25 – 50 for a brochure.
  • Even better, you can add extra services. That includes AI or PSD files, along with HD pictures. These small items can get you $5 for a simple task.
    Considering its ease and demand, it is better to get a firm grip on Graphic Design today. Once you are good at it, you can even charge up to $100 for logos.
  • Content Writing
    How to earn money on Fiverr, Content Writing is a field that has always intrigued people. While most consider it an easy job, others know the complications very well.
  • If we were to sum it up, it is not a very difficult skill. The only thing you should know about it is how to write engaging content. You can learn the other parts as you go.
  • What’s the most popular subcategory in Content Writing? It’s definitely scriptwriting. Whether for a short film, informative video, or documentary, it always costs more. It requires the writer to craft a compelling narration.
  • However, it is not as easy as it seems. That is because scriptwriting is way more complicated than simple blog posts or articles. It requires you to write story-type content that should bring life to the whole video or documentary.
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, are you interested in writing contracts and other legal documents? Good for you! It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Content Writing. If you take a look at some of the sellers of this skill, you will notice the high prices.
    It is not an easy service to provide. It includes writing content, like terms & services, policies, contracts, etc.
  • But, no need to worry. The last high-priced skill in Content writing is Editing. Now, this is an easy job for professional writers. You may have proofread some articles before. It is precisely the same.
  • The clients will give you some articles to read and make changes where necessary. All you have to do is to find out errors. That includes both, grammatical and research errors. With this minimum effort, you can easily make quick money.
  • Web Development
    It might not come as a surprise. Web development is not a skill for newbies. It takes months and years of expertise to build a near-perfect site.
  • That is the only reason why so many people demand this skill. Every business, regardless of its scale, is now shifting to the digital world. And, new ones are also looking for a website.
  • This leads to job opportunities for web developers. On Fiver, there is no shortage either. If you are a coder, you can learn good money quickly.
    One of the most famous jobs is Coding lessons. If you are experienced enough or have any certification, you start your own course at Fiverr. There, you can teach other people how to code.
  • However, the main field, website development, is way more expensive. By creating a two-page website, you can earn up to $3000. But, this includes other things too, like customizing, testing, adding plug-ins, and fixing any issue. Still, it is a hefty amount!
  • How to earn money on Fiverr, although it pays a lot, web development can take up a lot of time. This can be very difficult for you if you are already working somewhere. But, what if you can earn part-time using your coding skills?
  • That is precisely what you can do with “Bug-Fixing.” Requiring only a little time can help you earn a lot. All you have to do is to fix the issues on a website. Mostly, new bloggers or business owners are running the website. So, they do not know how to solve such problems.
  • You will only need to spend 30 minutes maximum per day. And, you can earn up to $60. Pretty cool, right?
  • SEO-Related Skills
    Since there are more and more websites every day, the demand for SEO-related skills is also increasing. They have risen up drastically over the last few years.
  • Usually, blog owners and E-Commerce store owners contact you for SEO support. You can optimize their websites to gain more traffic.
  • The most valuable and popular skill in SEO is Keyword Research. And not just any research, but competitive analysis. It pays up to $1000. You can start with $500.
  • So, what do you have to do with this service? You just need to discover new keywords, depending on the client’s website and niche. It helps to bring organic traffic to a website. Hence, it serves as a massive benefit for the client.
  • For part-time services, you can rent out some SEO tools. There are several tools to discover and provide keywords, including Ahrefs or Jungle Scoot. If you are a professional SEO worker, you would have a subscription for them.
  • However, people who do not use these tools regularly do not prefer subscribing to them. That is because of the high prices. You can rent out these tools for such people who need them for temporary work.
  • This way, you do not have to do the work. Still, you can make quick and sound money. Other high-paying SEO services include Domain Name Ideas, Digital Marketing, Content writing, etc.
  • Business
    Now, let’s look at the business side of Fiverr. It is also quite active. In fact, it is one of the most demanded skills recently. But, we have discussed previously how vast this field is.
    It includes all kinds of consultation, research, etc.
  • The best subcategories in this field are hands down, business naming and planning. And, there is a good reason behind their popularity.
  • As we mentioned before, new businesses are founded every day. But, to say that all of them are well-experienced and qualified would be wrong. Most of them are unaware of essential skills.
  • That is where you can provide help as an expert. You can choose a name for the business. A creative title grabs the attention of people. That is why buyers are willing to pay up to $10 to discover new names for their start-ups.
  • Secondly, you can create plans for a business. These plans include strategies, implementations, and proper management. New business owners and managers are not very good at making plans. Hence, they offer up to $1000 for a single plan.
  • But, there is one more expensive skill in Business. And, that is the Market Analysis. It can be considered a pre-startup skill. People who are looking to start their businesses want to find a suitable niche.
  • The niche should have less competition, offers something useful, and have demand. That is the seller’s job to provide them with the proper analysis depending on the current market situation.
  • Using this skill, an expert will do complete research on the market to find out the value of that niche. Needless to say, it can help you earn more than the other two business skills mentioned above.
  • Translation
    Are you an expert in linguistics? You might want to create a Translation gig on Fiverr. While Writing & Translation are advertised together on the platform, both fields are entirely different from each other.
  • We have discussed what you need to learn in writing. Now, let’s take a look at Translation.
  • Right off the bat, some of the most demanded languages are English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. If you have certification and qualification in any of these languages, then you should start translating
    This service includes interpreting letters, documents, and hand-written content as well. All of them can help you make quick cash.
  • Virtual Assistant
    Recently, this skill has gained quite a lot of popularity. Being a virtual assistant means a lot of things. You can help someone craft emails, virtually repair a PC, do data entry, teach, etc.
  • However, a VA (Virtual Assistant) is mainly used for Amazon-related services. Due to the rise of people in this field, the demand for Vas has also increased exponentially.
  • But, you can also do short tasks for clients. It will not cost you a lot of time. Plus, you can earn around $10 per hour.
    The price can also be much higher. It depends on the work type, intensity, time, etc.
  • Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing is a vast field, to say the least. It consists of a number of subcategories. All of them include advertisements of some sort.

  • Mainly, it includes Social media marketing. To be more precise, there is a vast demand for Ad campaigns.
  • You can create them and advertise them on different social media platforms, like Facebook. You can click your own photos for this purpose or edit them. There are many tools that help you get the job done.
  • It also falls in the category of Graphic Design. You also create ad and promotion posts there. But, it is still different as you have to market it as well.
  • However, Instagram and Facebook have made the job easy for marketers. You can share dozens of ads there in no time.

Maximizing Sales: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

How to earn money on Fiverr, although getting orders on Fiverr is not that hard, you can still use some tips to enhance your performance.

An image showing the sales logo

These are some ways that can help you maximize your sales. So, let’s take a look.

  • Using Keywords
    Making an SEO-friendly gig always has its perks. It helps you gain orders even without a lot of reviews. A correctly optimized gig ranks higher than its competitors.
    You can use keywords in the title, description, as well as search tags in your service.
  • Offer a Unique Service
    You may have heard that Fiverr is a densely populated marketplace. In the modern age, it is the go-to platform for freelancers and buyers. Hence, something average would not get you far.
  • You will need to offer something unique in your service. Now, it does not necessarily mean that you should learn a skill you are not interested in. You can still provide exceptional service staying within a common niche, like graphic design, video editing, etc.
  • Benefits of Gig Extras
    Gig Extras are optional. Hence, people do not deem them essential. They rarely use them in your gigs. And, even when they do, they only select the basic ones.
  • However, Gig Extras can be very helpful, to say the least. Whether you are a new freelancer or an experienced one, offering more options with extra charges can help you increase your sales drastically.
    Plus, these options are very helpful for the client and can get you positive reviews as well.
  • Positive Reviews
    And that leads us to our next point, Positive reviews. Given buyers who have worked with you, these reviews can get you to the starting pages when searching with your niche’s keyword.
  • You can ask clients to give you feedback after the completion of an order. But, you should not push it too hard. If a client like your work, they will surely leave a rating.
  • The best part is that it will create a chain. One review will lead to another one, and it will continue. In the longer run, it will help you gain more orders.
  • Advertise Your Gig
    The best way to increase a gig’s sales is to promote it. You can do it on Fiverr by using the right keywords. But, you can also do it off-site, with the help of social media platforms.
  • Earlier in this article, we mentioned briefly sharing your gig to your social media profiles. We left to weigh on its importance.
  • Advertising a gig on various platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can have unexpected results. You might be surprised to know that many people you knew were looking for this same service, and now they can contact you.
  • The more you advertise your Fiverr profile, the more orders you get. Thus, it will improve your sales.

There are also many other ways to increase your sales. However, the ones mentioned above are the most important. Keeping them in mind will surely help you gain more orders. You will notice a significant positive impact after using them.

With that said, here are some other tips to help you maximize your sales on Fiverr:

      • Provide flexible prices for all three plans.
      • Use an Image and Video to demonstrate your services.
      • A clear and detailed description can attract more buyers.
      • Creating a small, SEO-friendly, and catchy title for your gig.
      • Make multiple gigs, regardless of your services.

To check out all the services you can provide on Fiverr, click here.

How to keep Fiverr clients happy: Tips for working with Fiverr customers

If you want to make sure that the client is happy, you will need to take care of a few things. There are many reasons why one should take extra steps to satisfy a client.
A buyer can leave good reviews on your profile, which will lead to more orders. Secondly, many buyers are looking for long-term workers. If you are interested in that, you will have to impress your client with the first project.

How to earn money on Fiverr
An image showing Fiverr’s customer service

However, these are the tips you can use to keep clients happy on Fiverr.

Respond Quickly
If a buyer reaches out to you, it is your responsibility to respond to them as soon as possible. With the mobile application, it is easy to track. It will notify you whenever there is a new message.

However, there is no such option on the desktop unless the website is open. If you reply late, it will also affect your profile’s response rate. It is a factor that most clients consider important. They make sure it is good before hiring a freelancer.

Responding quickly also gives a good message that you care about your clients. That is why you should never take too much time to answer a buyer’s messages.

Offering Extra Services for Free: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

As a new freelancer, it can be difficult to satisfy and keep up with your clients. You are not much familiar with the market, so you make mistakes.

But, if you offer something additional with your service, you attract more buyers. These extra services do not have to be out of your expertise. For instance, if you are a content writer, you can attach images or send them to the client for free.

These are basically gig extras, but you have to offer them at no cost.
In the beginning, they will help you keep your clients happy.

Offering Unlimited Revisions: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

It is totally OK to make mistakes. Sometimes, you do not understand something correctly, or the instructions are not very clear.

And, that is why there is an option for revisions to fix those errors. However, a single one might not fix it. So, you can choose up to unlimited on Fiverr.

This way, clients can get you to keep making changes until they are satisfied. While it may seem time-consuming, it is only recommended for beginners.
They usually do not have much work, and this simple tip can keep their clients 100% satisfied.

  • More than one Submissions
    While delivering work, you want it to be perfect. You want it to be exactly like what the client asked you. Sometimes, it might not be like that.
    That is because of the common mistakes a freelancer can make. Also, the perspective of understanding something is different from yours and the clients.
    That is why you should also submit another file, which is the same work with some variations. It provides ease to the buyer as they now have a choice. Plus, they will be happy with this small gesture.

Live Portfolio on Fiverr: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

Have you started getting orders? Then, it is best if you showcase your work to gain new clients. By going through your previous work, a buyer will understand what type of services you provide.

The Live Portfolio is a very beneficial feature for sellers. Even better, it already turns on. Read more on how you can earn money on Fiver, You do not have to go through any hassles to activate it.

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing to set your gigs on Fiverr

For each gig, there will be a live portfolio. You can, however, disable it if you want to. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Once you log in, Go to the “Selling” menu and then to “Gigs.”
  2. On the list of your gigs, click on the drop-down menu.
  3. Next, simply uncheck the “Live Portfolio” option.

Now, Fiverr will not show your live portfolio. However, the disabled option is not available for all categories. If you are offering services like Graphic design or Video Animation, then you can not turn off the portfolio.

Other than that, there is also a “Project Portfolio” feature available on Fiverr. But, it is only for Pro and Top Sellers. It helps you attach your past work and samples with your gigs. So, when a potential client visits your profile, it will look quite different than others. This feature gives you an upper hand over your competitors.

You can create your Project Portfolio after you have reached the Top Seller or Pro Seller level. It will surely give you many benefits.


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Pros and Cons of Fiverr

Fiverr has its fair share of Pros and Cons. But, it is safe to say that the benefits outweigh the demerits. And, that is why the number of buyers and sellers keeps increasing on the platform every day.

An image showing the Pros & Cons of Fiverr

To provide a clearer picture, here are all the pros and cons of Fiverr:


  • Easy to Use
    Fiverr is easily one of the easiest marketplaces to use. The user interface is quite simple. All the features are accessible. Even if you have not used any freelance marketplace before, you can get the hang of it in no time.
    If you are still facing any problems, you can watch the tutorial videos on Fiverr. They teach everything from creating a gig to promoting it. Hence, you will not face any difficulties.
  • Easy Pricing Plans
    Fiverr allows you to create flexible and easy pricing packages. In fact, the choice of making multiple plans or just offering one is entirely on you. It also helps buyers to understand what a seller will provide in a plan.
    And, if you are unsure of your price, well, you can always start with $5 as the basic price!
  • Variety of Skills
    If you are looking for out-of-the-box services, Fiverr is your one-stop shop. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you can see the wide variety of skills on the platform. From dance lessons to producing your own music, it is a marketplace for everyone.
  • Supportive Customer Support
    Most websites claim to have excellent customer support, but they do not have it. But, not Fiverr. It has one of the best support out there.
    The help team does not waste your time and responds to you as soon as possible. Also, you can contact them whenever you want, regardless of your buyer and seller status. You do not need any premium subscription to get customer support.
  • Extra Money with Gig Extras
    Fiverr allows you to earn more than what’s on the surface. And, Gig Extras are responsible for getting you that extra money. By adding options, like revisions, extra fast delivery time, other relevant files, you can get $5 each.
    Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers where they can work full-time. That is why it has a plus point over its competitors.
  • Strengthen Your Skill
    Just because you are offering a certain skill does not mean you can not get better at it. Fiverr helps you to challenge yourself. This way, you can broaden your skills and make them better and better with every order.
    A large number of available freelancers empower you to add something unique to your service. Hence, you strengthen your skills and try to provide better than your competitors.
  • Learn from Fiverr
    We also briefly talked about Fiverr Academy in this article. It is one of the most significant benefits of the website. This free tool helps you understand all the features of the platform.


  • A bit Difficult for Beginners
    Fiverr is the most popular marketplace currently. So, you can imagine how many users are on the platform. That is why it can be a little difficult for beginners to get work for some time.
    There are two main reasons for this. Those are the lack of reviews and portfolios to show your work. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can easily get orders even as a newbie.
  • Commission and Withdrawl Fee
    Many people found issues with the commission policy of Fiverr. They take 20% of your payment. While it may be less than some other freelance marketplaces, the price is still high.
    Not only that, but the withdrawal fee can also be a problem. Since Fiverr uses Payoneer as their withdrawal method, they have to pay a service fee. It is 2% of the money that you want to withdraw.

Conclusion: How To Be Successful On Fiverr

It is safe to say that Fiverr is one of the best platforms for both sellers and buyers. It is constantly updating, thus, providing more options for its users.
By going through this article, you will understand everything about Fiverr. From what it is, the services you can offer there, how to create your gigs, to how to get more orders, we have covered all the aspects of the marketplace.
Hopefully, you will be able to start your freelancing career on Fiverr now. With the opportunities on the platform, you will surely prosper!

How To Be Successful On Fiverr
An image showing how to earn money on Fiverr


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