Esthetician Cover Letter: What You Need To Know When Writing One

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Esthetician cover letter – As a student or recent graduate pursuing esthetician certification, writing a cover letter can be a daunting task. You might not know how to sell yourself, or how to prove you’re qualified for the position.

You need a cover letter that displays your skills and value but can’t afford to hire the help of an expensive cover letter writer. It’s hard to write a cover letter that reflects your personality and values while simultaneously highlighting how qualified you are for the job.


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This five-step guide will help you write an attention-grabbing cover letter that will impress employers and help you land your ideal job as an esthetician in no time!

What is an Esthetician And Why Might it be Required?

Estheticians provide skin care treatments such as facials, waxing, and makeup applications. They also promote skin health through skin consultations, product recommendations, and education on skin care practices. Estheticians can work in a variety of settings including spas, salons, and medical offices.

Estheticians are skilled professionals who offer a variety of skin care treatments and cosmetics to their clients. In the United States, estheticians must complete a training course or apprenticeship in order to be certified. They then have to pass an exam in order to be licensed by the state.

Estheticians typically have formal training in esthetics or cosmetology as well as specialized training in one or more areas of skin care treatment such as facials, waxing, or makeup application.

A cover letter is a formal letter that accompanies your resume and is addressed to an employer with whom you are seeking employment.

The purpose of the esthetician cover letter is to introduce yourself and explain why you are qualified for the position.

The cover letter should be short, concise, and professional.

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The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Writing a Cover Letter

There are three mistakes that people make when writing a cover letter:

  • Lack of focus,

  • Lack of detail,

  • And factual errors.

Lack of focus:

Writing a successful esthetician cover letter is hard because it requires being specific and knowing the unstated rules for this particular industry.

Writing a good cover letter is more than just providing information about your qualifications. It’s also about highlighting your accomplishments, communicating your personality, and making a connection with the company.

Lack of focus makes writing a successful esthetician cover letter exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. Lack of focus prevents you from showcasing your skills and properly addressing any needs or concerns outlined in the job description.


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Focus issues make it difficult to maintain brand consistency, make it difficult to sell oneself, and waste time. Your ability to locate a job that excites you about what you can give is also hampered by a lack of focus.

Lack of detail:

How can you make a cover letter shorter, but still get your point across?

Cover letters are one of the most important ways to express interest in a new job. They are also one of the most dreaded parts of the job search process, due to their length and constant rejection. The application process is often a time-consuming endeavor and many people simply do not read cover letters due to their lengthy nature.

The lack of detail in writing a successful esthetician cover letter will be solved by using what is called an “abbreviated resume.” This is where you condense all information about your professional history into one sentence and then list the qualifications for the desired job under that statement.

This helps because it doesn’t overwhelm the employer with pages and pages of information that they don’t have the time or energy to review.

Most employers are already overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to process, and now you’re throwing more at them.

Well, according to CareerBuilder research, 95% of employers say it’s difficult for them to stay on top of the influx of resumes that a job posting can generate. So if you’ve done your homework and sent only a few resumes, hopefully, one will stick out.

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And factual errors:

Incorrect grammar mistakes and typos can cause major issues for your cover letter. A bad cover letter can diminish your chances of getting an interview.

Cover letters are a chance for prospective employers to get to know you better, and can reveal important insights about you that may not be obvious from a resume alone.

With this article, you’ll learn how to avoid factual errors in writing a successful esthetician cover letter, and how to make the most out of this important opportunity.

Professional Cover Letter Sample for Esthetician

A professional esthetician cover letter sample is a document that is written by an esthetician to introduce themselves to a potential employer. The cover letter should be short and concise, but it should also include some of the following points:

VEA: Run your business remotely
  • Education –

  • Experience –

  • Interests and hobbies –

  • References

  • Personal information Curriculum Vitae

Thank you for your interest in my qualifications. I am certified by the National Esthetics Association and have been with The Spa since 2008. I have worked with clients of all skin types and ages, from children to the elderly.

Education School Name: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BA English 1875+School Year Graduated: 2017 School Major:

  • English Education Licenses &

  • Certifications Licensure:

  • Cosmetology License in the State of Illinois

  • Administrative License in the State of Illinois

  • Professional Licenses Certified Esthetician by the National Esthetics Association

  • Certified Pedicurist by the National Esthetics Association

  • Certified Manicurist by the National Esthetics Association

  • Esthetician by The Spa Certified Pedicurist by The Spa Certified Manicurist by The Spa Licensure:

  • Cosmetology License in the State of Illinois Administrative License in the State of IllinoisProfessional

How to Write a Successful Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps

The first step in writing a successful cover letter is to research the company, including its mission statement, recent news articles, and social media posts.

The second step is to write out a list of skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

The third step is to write out any personal connections that you have with the company or people working there.

The fourth step involves drafting an opening paragraph which should include an introduction of yourself and why you want this job.

The fifth and final step involves editing your work for grammar, spelling errors, etc., before submitting it as part of your job application package.


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Why Is A Cover Letter Important?

Cover letters are important for a variety of reasons:

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The first is to introduce oneself and one’s skillset to the prospective employer.

Secondly, it is a way to show that the applicant has researched the company they are applying to and has an interest in its values and culture.

Thirdly, it is a way of demonstrating how they can be an asset to the company in question.

A cover letter usually accompanies one’s resume when applying for jobs or internships. It should not be too long because it is just meant as an introduction, not a lengthy essay about why you are perfect for the job.

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What Do I Include in My Esthetician Cover Letter?

A cover letter is an important part of an esthetician’s application. It is a way to introduce yourself to the company and show your interest in the position.

Include these points in your cover letter:

  • Your resume and qualifications –

  • Why you are interested in this position –

  • Your contributions to the business –

  • How to collaborate with the business most effectively-

  • Any professional references-

  • How to contact you –

  • What you are willing to do for this position

Here is an example of a cover letter for this position:

Cover letter 1

Dear Human Resources,

I am writing to apply for the Esthetician position advertised on I am 30 years old and licensed in the state of CA as well as Georgia and North Carolina.

I attended cosmetology school in North Carolina and have been working in California since graduating four years ago. For the last three years, my work has centered on managing a salon with two other estheticians, working six hours a day and four days a week.

I also have experience with deep tissue massage, which I believe is an asset for the job. I am very familiar with the demands of this position because I know that this company is committed to excellence and customer service.

The hours are flexible, so it can best accommodate my work schedule as well as my family’s needs. My career goal would be to one day join management at a salon where I could further my skills in leadership and encourage guest interaction.

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Esthetician Cover Letter

Cover letter 2:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is in regard to your position as a Cosmetics Consultant. I feel that my experience and skills would be a perfect match for the role that you are looking for. I have extensive experience in the beauty industry and have been trained by some of the best makeup artists in the industry.

I’m sure my original thoughts and creative approach to beauty will benefit you. If given the chance, I would adore to go in for a meeting. I appreciate you taking the time to review my resume during your busy day.


Cover letter 3:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in regard to your position as a Cosmetics Consultant. I feel that my experience and skills would be a perfect match for the role that you are looking for.

Working with people of various ages, I have two years of experience in this profession with a great deal of success.

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Cover letter 4:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m happy to offer myself as a beauty expert and would be interested in applying for your job as a cosmetic consultant. I have certifications in skincare, cosmetics, and facial therapy. I have a lot of experience in the beauty industry, so I’m eager to learn more about this role.

For your inspection and consideration, kindly find my résumé attached.



Esthetician Cover Letter

Cover letter 5:

I have a degree in cosmetology from your neighborhood community college. I’ve done significant research in every facet of the beauty industry, and I have complete faith in my abilities to help individuals look and feel their best. I’m experienced with skin care, facials, and cosmetics applications.

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I’m a good listener and like interacting with people. I work hard and take satisfaction in the work I do on each assignment. If you are looking for a positive, hardworking employee please give me a call or send me an email so we can set up an interview time that is convenient for you.

How to Get Your Resume Hired – General Advice for Jobseekers

The resume should be well-organized, focusing on your skills and experience. It should also highlight any education you have.

The best way to get your resume hired is to make it stand out from the other resumes that are in the pile. Some ways to do this are by using bullet points or short paragraphs, highlighting your skills, or putting an emphasis on what sets you apart from everyone else.

How To Write A Professional Email To Send As A Cover Letter?

The email subject line is what will grab the hiring manager’s attention first, so make it catchy and succinct. Avoid using “Hi” or “Dear Sir/Madam” at the beginning of your email. Instead, use something like “Application for [job title]” or “I am interested in [job title].”

Make sure your email has a professional greeting, such as “Dear Mr./Ms. _________.” Don’t forget to mention why you are interested in the company, job position, and location. The body of your email should include an introduction about yourself (past experience, skills), and explain why you are qualified for this position.

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Description, pay, and prospects for the position of esthetician

A licensed professional with training in skin care who provides services like facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, and waxing is known as an esthetician.

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Estheticians usually work in spas or salons. They spend their time giving facials, performing skin care treatments, providing massages, and other therapeutic services.

Salary: The average salary for an esthetician is about $24 per hour or $48 per day.

Job outlook: The outlook for the esthetician profession is expected to grow by 17% from 2016 to 2026.

Workplaces For Estheticians

The majority of estheticians work in these industries, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which categorizes them as “skincare professionals”

  • Services for personal care 47%
  • Self-employed individuals 28%
  • Medical practices 9%
  • Shops for personal care and health 7%
  • Traveler lodging: 3%

Why a cover letter is necessary for an esthetician

Simply put, a cover letter is a requirement for any job application, thus estheticians looking for work must have one. Sending simply a résumé can be a deadly mistake; numerous applications are turned down solely because a cover letter was not enclosed.

You want to get a job, right? So, you must inquire. You must start a conversation with a hiring manager by expressing your interest in the position, outlining your qualifications, and setting the stage for future discussion.

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The recruiter will question why you don’t include a cover letter. Is this a result of your poor writing ability? Does this mean you don’t consider your job to be all that important?

Is it because sending 50 resumes and crossing one’s fingers is quicker? Any of these inquiries from a recruiter are inappropriate.


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And even if they don’t think of any of these queries, take into account this: How much more powerful is a resume that is nothing more than a faceless collection of bullet points than one that has a personal touch?

The following are some tips for writing a great esthetician cover letter:

  • Include your personal statement on why you want this particular position.

  • Explain why you believe that your qualifications and experience make you the best candidate for this position. –

  • Highlight any skills or experience that would make you an asset to this company –

  • Ensure that it is professionally written and does not contain any grammatical errors

  • Include a concise paragraph about your strengths and qualifications

  • Refer to your résumé in the third paragraph

  • Have three references that can be contacted for verification and have over 10 years of experience as a professional tutor and coach, which has prepared me well to lead this company. My résumé is attached and I will also include it in my cover letter.

Best cover letter format for a cosmetologist

A cover letter should nearly always be a one-page essay with no more than 400 words. It should adhere to the standard cover letter format described below:

  • Head of a cover letter

  • Greeting/Salutation

  • Introduction\sBody

  • Call to action and conclusion of cover letter

  • Sign-off

My skills include:

  • Leading learning sessions with students of all levels

  • Developing/maintaining curriculum plans for my students

  • Talking about the goals and development of the students with the parents

  • Managing both individual and group lessons

My resume is attached here. I am the current president of a tutoring company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to tutoring students at all levels, I am also a certified coach who has worked extensively with college athletes from a variety of sports, including baseball and softball.

In my role as company president, I have been able to provide free coaching to athletes of all levels. I also work extensively with students who are struggling in the classroom, which includes tutoring for assessments and writing papers.

The methodology behind crafting an effective cover letter

A persuasive cover letter is a document that is written by the applicant, usually in response to an advertisement for a job vacancy. A cover letter’s main purpose is to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the position.

The psychology of writing a persuasive cover letter starts with understanding what you want and what you need.

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It’s all about being intentional. The more intentional you are about your goals, the better your chances of achieving them. This applies to both your career and everyday life, so it’s important to be clear on what you want before taking action.

Errors to avoid in cover letters

A good cover letter will show that you are professional yet personable. It will also provide insight into your personality, which can help the company decide whether or not they want to interview you for the position.

Below are some mistakes that can be made when writing a cover letter:

  • Not addressing the hiring manager by name in the opening paragraph –

  • Writing about irrelevant skills or experiences (e.g., mentioning you have 5 years of experience as a receptionist) –

  • Including too many personal details (e.g., mentioning your marital status) –

  • Not addressing the specifics of the job in the opening paragraph-

  • Not including a closing paragraph –

  • Writing about irrelevant skills or experiences-

  • Including too many personal details topic sentence:

Another example of a cover letter that is not strong enough is one that does not address the specifics of the job in the opening paragraph.

This example starts with an introductory paragraph and then goes into talking about how good they are at working with Microsoft Word.

They don’t mention anything about their experience in this specific job or what they can bring to it, so it’s not clear if they’re just applying for any job or this particular one.

The 8 Best Esthetician Cover Letter Examples

The following are 8 of the best esthetician cover letter examples:

  • I have almost ten years of professional expertise as an esthetician.” –

  • I’ve done courses in aesthetics, cosmetics, and skincare.” –

  • In order to use my expertise and skills in this industry, I’m seeking a chance.”

  • I’ve enjoyed working in a day spa and many salons.

  • For more than ten years, I have held a license as an esthetician.

  • I have experience doing cosmetics using simple to complex techniques, providing facials, manicures, and pedicures.

  • “As a seasoned esthetician, I am prepared for new challenges and procedures as required to keep my knowledge current in this industry.”

  • I take delight in offering my clients high-quality treatments as a certified esthetician.

What distinguishes a cosmetologist from an esthetician?

The main difference between an esthetician and a cosmetologist is that an esthetician specializes in the care of skin while a cosmetologist focuses on hair styling.

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How to Find the Job You Love As An Esthetician

If you are applying for a job at a salon, you can mention your previous experience with makeup application and styling hair. If you are applying for a spa position, mention the time spent working on treatments like facials or waxing services.

What Kind of Experience Do I Need to Be An Esthetician?

Esthetician experience requirements vary depending on the state you reside in.

In general, esthetician experience requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • The prerequisite is a high school diploma or GED.

  • Must have a current license to practice esthetics in the state you reside in.

  • Must complete an esthetics training course with a minimum of 500 hours of instruction time and pass the national board exam to become certified by the National Esthetics Association (NEA).

Salon Manager Cover Letter Sample

A salon manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations of a salon. They are responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, and supervising staff. They also work with clients to ensure that they have a pleasant experience in the salon.

The following is a sample cover letter for a Salon Manager position:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Salon Manager position that you have advertised on I am confident that I would be an excellent candidate for this role as I have over 15 years of experience in managing salons and meeting customer needs, and I believe that my skills and abilities will be an asset to your company’s success. My resume is attached for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


John Doe

Esthetics Resume Sample & Tips

Aesthetics Resume Sample & Tips

One of the most important aspects of a resume is its aesthetics. Aesthetics are what will catch an employer’s eye before they read your resume.

Here are some aesthetic tips to help you stand out and get noticed.

Make sure your font size is large and easy to read. The font should be clear and not too distracting. You want to make it easy for the employer to read, so they can focus on what you have done in the past and not have any trouble reading it. This will also show that you are confident in yourself, which employers like to see in applicants.

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Try using a serif font for your resumes, such as Times New Roman or Garamond, because these fonts are more traditional and easier for adults to read than sans-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica which can be hard on the eyes for people who are older or wear glasses

Include a professional-looking cover letter

1. Think about how you want your resume to look on the computer when employers view it online.

2. Like a professional resume, but with humor

3. Like the ones you find online.

Esthetics Cover Letter Samples

There are a number of cover letter templates available online that can help you write your own cover letter quickly and easily. You can also find examples of cover letters for different industries, positions, and circumstances in this ebook, Tips To Succeed In Any Job Interview. > > > > Access is available at HERE.

The Importance of Having A Strong Finish in Your Cover Letter

A strong finish can help you get the job. It can be a sentence or two that summarizes who you are and why the employer should hire you. This is your opportunity to make a great impression on the employer and leave them with a positive memory of your application.

The importance of having a strong finish in your cover letter cannot be overstated. It is an opportunity for you to summarize who you are and why the employer should hire you, leaving them with a positive impression of your application.

How do I indicate that I’m interested in a job?

This section will provide information on how to express interest in a job. By phone, email, or in person, you can complete this.

In order to show your interest in a position if this is your first time applying, send an email to the company’s contact person.

If you have previously inquired about a job with this company, mention that in the email.

When speaking over the phone or in person, let your curiosity be known.

What is the difference between Esthetician and vs esthetician?

An esthetician is a person who provides skin care treatments to improve the appearance of your skin. They offer treatments for acne, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

An aesthetician is someone who has undergone more training in the science of skincare and can provide more advanced treatments.

The difference between an esthetician and an aesthetician is that an esthetician provides basic skin care treatments while an aesthetician offers more advanced treatments.

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What distinguishes a resume from a cover letter?

The cover letter is a way to introduce yourself and give the employer some information about who you are and why they should hire you.

A resume is more focused on what you have done in the past, while a cover letter focuses on what you can do in the future.

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The conclusion of your cover letter should be the last thing you write. It should summarize the information in your cover letter and reiterate your interest in this position.

A strong finish can be the difference between getting a callback or not. It is important to have a strong finish in order to make a good impression on the employer.

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