Elementor Pro Lifetime: All You Need To Know

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Elementor pro lifetime – An all-in-one guide for beginners we are living in an age where every business needs an online presence. Whether it is large or small in scale, a website is a MUST.

Luckily, making a website is not difficult anymore. You do not need to hire a team of professionals to code each page. Even inexperienced people can now create amazing websites in no time.

In fact, there are many tools that let you create professional websites for free. Elementor is one of them. It is one of the most popular and effective page builders of WordPress.


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How To Use Elementor?: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Table of Contents

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders available today. It’s easy to use and lets you create custom pages and posts with drag-and-drop ease. In this article, we’re going to show you how to use Elementor.

First, you’ll need to install and activate the Elementor plugin. Once it’s installed, you’ll find a new Elementor menu in your WordPress dashboard. Clicking on this menu will take you to the Elementor editor.

The Elementor editor is split into two sections: the left-hand column contains all of the elements you can add to your page, while the right-hand column shows the live preview of your page. To add an element to your page, simply drag it from the left-hand column and drop it into the right-hand column.

Elementor Pro Lifetime: How To Use Elementor

You can then customize the element by editing its properties in the Properties panel on the right-hand side. For example, if you add a Text element, you can edit the text in the Text Properties panel.

Once you’ve finished editing your page, click on the Publish button to save it. You can then view your page on your website by clicking on the View Site link in the Elementor menu.

That’s how easy it is to use Elementor!

If you are unfamiliar with it, well, there’s no need to worry. By the end of this article, you will know everything about it, including basics, How to Use Elementor, its options, etc. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.


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Everything You Need to Know about Elementor

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s home page

What is Elementor

So, what exactly is Elementor? It is a famous WordPress page builder. Elementor is most commonly used with themes, like Astra. While other page builders allow you to change different aspects of your website, Elementors offers complete control.

It allows users to change the look and layout completely. The best part about Elementor is its drag-and-drop usage. All of its features can be easily accessed through this option. Users can add widgets, change the interface, and work on even the slightest of things with it.

Elementor Pro Lifetime

However, many people tend to confuse Elementor with a WordPress theme. It is a Plugin and can be used with various themes. Like all other plugins, you will need to find a compatible theme to use it.

Elementor is often referred to as the “World’s leading Page Builder.” That is mainly because of its functionality and room for creativity. Another reason is that it can also be used with a lot of themes. Hence, it is more accessible than most other builders.
Want to learn more about it? Click Here to access the Elementor Official website.

How to Install Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

There are several ways of installing elements. Firstly, you will need to install WordPress and a compatible theme.
With that said, here are all the methods of how you can install Elementor.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing how to install Elementor
  • Via The Official Website
    The easiest way is to install it via Elementor’s official website. Once you are on the homepage of the website, you will see a download button. It will ask for your email. After entering, the downloading will begin. Now, you will find a ZIP file at the location you chose for it.

Follow these steps for installing Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Open the backend of your WordPress website.

  1. Go to the Plugins section and click on “Add New.”
  2. It will ask you to upload the file. From there, browse to the destination of the downloaded zip file.
  3. It will automatically install. Once done, click on “Activate.”

The plugin is now installed and ready to use.

  • Adding Plugins through WordPress Dashboard
    This method will save you time and visit by not going to the Elementor website.
  1. Open the backend of your WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to the “Plugins” tab and click on “Add New.”
  3. Here, you will see various plugins and a search bar on the top right. Type “Elementor” in there.
  4. Elementor Page Builder will pop up first. With its name, you will see an option “Install Now,” click on it.
  5. Now, click Install, and it will take a few seconds.
  6. After that, just click on “Activate.”

Both methods are simple and take no time. After installing and activating Elementor, you can see it in your “Installed Plugins” section. It will also appear as a separate entry with templates.

Once you are on the Installed Plugins page, you will also see Elementors’ current status. That includes the page builder’s description, the version you are currently using, etc.

Themes You Can Use WithElementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

As mentioned earlier, you can use Elementor with various themes. In fact, it can be said that it works with most WordPress themes. But, which are the most popular ones? Well, we have got a list.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s best themes home page

Here are the top 10 most-used themes paired with Elementor:

  • Astra
  • OceanWP
  • Atmosphere Pro
  • Essence Pro
  • Sizzify
  • Page Builder Framework
  • GeneratePress
  • Hestia Pro
  • Customify
  • Potenza

Exciting Elementor Options: Elementor Pro Lifetime

To build your pages and templates with Elementor, you should understand its options. That is because the plugin is full of exciting features. All of them will come in handy for your professional use.

When a plugin claims it is easy to use, you expect it to have simple and accessible features. Easy is the one that saves you from the hassles of watching long tutorials. It can cause many problems, especially for beginners.

Luckily, Elementor is quite easy to use. It does not require spending time on long video tutorials. All options are available and accessible conveniently. Even a newbie with no experience can get the hang of it.

How To Use Elementor

The best part is that it is a front-end editor. It means that you can actually see the progress and how the page will look while you are working on it. The widgets, icons, and text can be easily selected and placed.

The sidebar makes it easier for users to tweak the properties of a page. Plus, the dragging option makes the job much simple yet intuitive.

Needless to say, you will face no issues on the convenience side with Elementor.

General and Advanced Elementor Settings

The settings are also very simple in Elementor. Once you select it from the sidebar, The settings will open.

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Now, on the top, you will see the General, Style, and Advanced tabs. You can change the settings and save them for permanent effects. You can change or select settings, such as fonts, colors, usage data sharing, etc.

On top of that, you can also select post types. Users can also navigate to “Role Manager.” It is a useful option that allows categorizing different types of editors, depending on the user’s needs. However, it is only available in the Pro version of Elementor.

Elementor Widgets: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Elementor provides ease to its users with a simple drag-and-drop widget editor. With this, you can also accommodate columns and sections.

If you do not understand what widgets, sections, and columns are, do not worry. Here is how you can distinguish them.

  • Widgets
    Widgets can be defined as the individual elements that you place on the page.
  • Sections
    A section is a container for widgets and columns
  • Columns
    These are the sections containing widgets.

Elementor offers a range of amazing widgets you can use to customize your webpage. However, they vary between free and Pro versions. These are the elements available in the free version:

  • Image
  • Text Editor
  • Heading
  • Video
  • Button
  • Icon
  • Divider
  • Google Maps
  • Spacer

These elements are used to enhance the functionality and outlook of a webpage. There are 30 of them present in Elementor Free. You can select, drag, and drop them simply on the page. After that, you can also customize them as you want.

If you want more than these free widgets, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Here, you will get an even more variety of useful elements.

Here are all the widgets you can access with Elementor Pro:

  • Price Table
  • Portfolio
  • Flip box
  • Form
  • Call to Action
  • Blockquote

These premium widgets give a more professional look to your website. Also, they are designed to work with all kinds of websites. However, they are paired best with eCommerce because of their in-depth integration with WooCommerce.

If you want even more widgets, you can add your own. Elementor supports third-party add-ons. You can use this opportunity to create a slick-looking website. Or even better, you can create your own widgets as the builder provides resources for that.

Elementor Pro Lifetime

One thing you should know is how many widgets to use and which ones. It depends entirely on your website’s theme. If you think that too many of them will not look good, then adding more is not necessary.

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However, the main purpose of widgets is to increase the functionality of the webpage and provide easy access for the users. But, that should not ruin the appearance or the theme of your website.

With that said, there are many free third-party plugins that work great with Elementor. You can use and combine them with your theme to create even better resources.

Elementor – Free Version vs. Pro Version

Elementor is a go-to page builder for most people. That is because you can get started on it for free. It does not require any payment option or information unless you want to upgrade to the Pro Version.

If you are a beginner, Elementor Free will work just fine for you. It has all the essential features that you will need to create a professional webpage. It has page builder options as well as exciting widgets with a wide range.

However, the Pro version takes the game to another level by providing even more options, such as theme builders, widgets, etc. These options are great for making it professional and sophisticated.

To provide a clearer picture, here is a complete table that differs between both versions.

Comparison Between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro

Features Elementor Free Elementor Pro
Price Free Various pricing plans (starting from $49 per year
Page Builder
Number of Widgets More than 25 More than 50
Theme Builder X
24/7 Support X
Integrations X
Pro Templates X
Dynamic Content X

You can learn more about the differences between the two versions here.

These are the major differences between both versions. However, there are many more features available in Elementor Pro. For instance, it has a vast library of templates that you can use for your webpage. Plus, there are also different pricing plans for the Pro version.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor”s pricing plans

Elementor Pro Pricing Plans: Elementor Pro Lifetime

The pricing of Elementor Pro varies with the included features. The basic one starts at $49 per year per website. But, the first three plans offer the same options. The only difference is in the number of websites.
Here are the complete details to provide you with a clearer picture.

You can see that Essential, Advanced, and Expert have almost the same number of features. The only difference is the Expert website kits and Elementor Expert Profile that are present in the Expert package.

With that said, here are the number of websites available in each plan, along with their prices.

  • Essential
    It is most suitable for beginners. It offers the lowest price of $49 per year. With Essential, you only get access to one website.
  • Advanced
    With the Advanced package, you get the Pro version for 3 websites for $99 per year.
  • Expert
    The most popular plan, Expert, offers Pro access to up to 25 websites for $199 per year.
  • Studio
    With the Studio package, you get Pro access to 100 websites for $499 per year.
  • Agency
    The Agency package offers Elementor Pro for up to 1000 websites for $999 per year.

It depends on your intensity of work to decide on the right package. If you are working individually or with a small team, Expert is the best option.

For beginners and intermediate workers, Essential and Advanced are the right packages. You can always start with Essential and upgrade later on when needed. It is the best way to learn all the features of Elementor Pro.

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If you are working with a large team, organization, or agency, then you should consider the Studio or Agency packages. Their large number of websites allows you to work with multiple clients simultaneously and create the most professional-looking websites.
To check out the complete pricing plan, click here.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s pro elements features

Elementor Pro Features: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Let’s take a detailed look at all the features offered in the Pro version. It will help you decide whether it is worth it for you or not.

Here are all the features that give Elementor Pro an upper hand over the free version.

  • Theme Building
    Remember when we mentioned Elementor as a Page builder? Well, the pro version takes it to another level. It allows you to build your own themes from scratch. It means you will not need any other themes.
    What’s the benefit of that? Firstly, you can use your creativity to build THE perfect theme for your web. Secondly, it will save you from the hassles of finding and working with a theme’s given restrictions. Needless to say, this feature does come in quite handy.
  • Post Builder
    Are you looking to design and create your own posts from scratch? That is possible with the Theme building feature of Elementor. It helps you avoid coding and allows you to create your post templates.
    Thanks to dynamic widgets, you can even change the complete layouts. For instance, if you want to distinguish all your posts from each other, that is very easy. You can create a separate layout for each.
  • Popup Builder
    Popups are common on modern websites. They bring an extra layer of appeal and attention-grabbing. Elementor Pro provides a Popup builder. You can use it for creating announcements, banners, forms, promotion icons, etc.
    There are several templates to choose from. It allows using popups with On Page Load, Scroll, Click, etc. You can define different parameters for popups.
    You can also select its placement. For instance, a popup will appear on the top of your website, or the bottom, or slide in from left or right. In short, you get complete control over building and placing it.
  • Header & Footer Builder
    The header and Footer are the most important sections of a website. They give people a message about your brand as well as contact information. And, Elementor Pro lets you build them with style.

There are over 25 sticky header and footer blocks that can be customized with WordPress themes. They are all available in Theme Builder under the templates section in the WordPress dashboard.

You can choose from the already-built templates or create your own. With a little customization, they are ready to be placed on your website. Plus, the area for their display is also your choice.

Some of the most common options in headers and footers are logos, primary & secondary menus, and other elements. Themes, like Astra, allow you to do this process by simply dragging and dropping.

  • WooCommerce Store Builder
    If you want to make the perfect eCommerce store, you can do so with the WooCommerce store builder. It allows customizing all parts of your online store and creating single pages for each product.
    There are many more features, such as an archive product page, product listing, and others. Also, it does not depend on the WordPress theme you are using.
    WooCommerce comes with many drag-and-drop widgets. You can use and customize them for your store.

    Here are some of the most popular WooCommerce widgets:

  • Product’s Price
  • Title and Description
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Product’s Rating
  • Available stock

You can also use the pre-built templates to create custom widgets. However, there are many more widgets ready to use.

  • Integrations
    Arguably, the best part about Elementor Pro is its integrations. They can help you add more helpful tools to your website. These tools can be related to marketing or CRM.
    Plus, you can also use third-party integrations. They are used with WordPress plugins. Here are some marketing tools that you can use with Elementor Pro:
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot

And, these are the WordPress plugins you can use with it:

  • WooCommerce
  • MemberPress
  • Toolset
  • LearnDash
  • Rank Math

You can also integrate social media platforms, such as Facebook SDK, YouTube, Vimeo,
GoogleMaps, and Soundcloud. These integrations add easier operations and promotion options to your website.

  • Premium Support 24/7
    Are you new to Elementor? Then, you may have a lot of questions in your mind. You might not understand some features. Although it is quite easy to use, people who have no experience with any page builder before will find it difficult.
    Elementor Pro offers complete support for its users. Their dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Not only that but there are also articles and video tutorials for beginners.
    If you still have any problems, you can contact their support team via live chat. You can ask them any question or present the issue you are facing. Elementor’s team will respond within 30 minutes and solve your issue immediately.
    This feature is known as VIP support. It is available in only Studio and Agency packages. Other pricing plans, including Essential, Advanced, and Expert, offer premium support. It is also another way of solving queries, but it takes about a day.
    However, both ways are useful for understanding and learning the features of Elementor Pro.

There are also many other features available in Elementor Pro. You get Custom fonts, Mouse & Motion Effects, Live Custom CSS, and the ability to Embed anywhere.

An image showing Elementor’s payment methods

ElementorPayment Methods: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Convinced to buy Elementor Pro? Then, you should know about their payment options. You can choose PayPal and Stripe as they are the most popular options.

However, Elementor grants you leverage that you can use almost any payment method that is famous and credible. You will find most of the options available in its pricing plan.

Elementor Refund Policy: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Although you might never feel the need for it, you can refund your full price. Since Elementor Pro has a certain price, you might want to request a refund at some point. It can be due to many reasons.

With that said, Elementor’s policy is quite straightforward. You can cancel your order within 30 days. You will get your full money back.

To apply for a refund, you will have to open a support ticket. You will need to go to Elementor’s official website. Log in with the necessary information, and you are now eligible to apply for a refund.

It is important to note that refunds do not apply to renewals or upgrades.

If you are stuck in the process, you can contact Premium support. The team will solve your queries as soon as possible.

Elementor Pro Or Elementor Free – Which One Should You Choose?

The choice is not difficult to make if you know the differences between both versions. Although we have mentioned them above, here is more elaboration on which version of Elementor is the best for you.

An image showing Elementor’s free vs Elementor’s Pro
  • Elementor Free
    If you want to use only the essential features, it is the right choice for you. Do not worry that it does not have many options. Only by using Elementor for free, you can still create amazing websites.
    Secondly, you should opt for the free version if you do not want to use advanced features, such as custom CSS. It is just an additional option for a live code editor.
    If you are using a theme that has flexible options. It will not require you to build your own theme. Many themes are equipped with a range of features. Using them will be good enough for you to get started.
  • Elementor Pro
    People who want to use more widgets and other features will find Elementor Pro fitting their needs. It adds a layer of complexity to your websites. Users will find them more professional-looking than the basic version.
    If you want more options than a pre-built theme, you can create your own with the Pro version. Custom themes also enable you to make unique header and footer areas.
    Users also get access to thousands of templates. It saves time and helps give new and innovative ideas.
    Global widgets are one of the most popular features among people. It allows you to use the same widgets across different web pages.

What Can You Create with Elementor?: Elementor Pro Lifetime

On the surface, Elementor is just a page builder. There are many other options available, then what makes it unique? The distinctive feature of Elementor is that it is so much more than a page builder.

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Check out all the exciting designs you can create with Elementor.
New users often ask, what can you create with Elementor? Well, let’s take a look at some of the exciting building options. After that, we will tell you about the ways of building them. So, let’s get started.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s themes page
  • Single Pages/Posts
    Looking to create exciting blog posts and pages? You can do that with Elementor in no time. There are various templates available for them. But, if you are feeling creative, you can create your own.
    A single page might look like an easy task. But, without Elementor, it is not. You will have to spend hours coding it. However, Elementor makes the job easy as all you have to do is drag the elements on the screen.
  • Themes
    The Pro version allows you to take your creativity to the next level. Now, you do not need to rely on the theme you are using. You are no longer restricted by its options because now you are creating a new one.
    What are the benefits of building a theme? First of all, you are free to be creative. Think freely and add those options to your new theme. You can provide more functionality, options, and ease to users. In short, a theme helps you get the upper hand over the pre-built ones.
  • Popups
    If you have never heard of popups, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Only a few people know this feature by name. However, everyone has seen it. Let us explain.
    You may have seen announcement banners, discounts, and deals popping up when you open a website. Those are popups. They are usually activated by an action. For instance, some might require you to click somewhere, while others will be activated by simply scrolling.
    If you are still unsure what good a popup can do to your website, there are many benefits. You can engagingly promote your website, introduce people to a special offer, provide a link to another section of the website, and much more.
  • Animated Effects
    Just when you think of the word Animation, its complexities immediately come to mind. And it is right to do so. Creating animation and effects is not an easy task. It requires time and a lot of practice. Plus, it also requires the right tools and devices.
    But, what if we told you it could be done in minutes with Elementor? Yes, you read it right. Elementor allows users to create animation effects for different parts of their websites.
    Each effect can have a significant use. And you can also customize its look. For people who are still not convinced, it is as easy as drag and drop.
  • Endless Possibilities
    With Elementor, the possibilities are endless. That is because it offers full control to its users. You can build your own templates.
    If you do not like the ones present with the theme, just spend a few minutes and have a new template. You can save it for future use as well. If not satisfied, you can customize it to your liking.
  • If you think a widget is missing, well, you guessed it right. You can build your own elements. They will help you make your website better and save time.
    Building a wooCommerce has never been easier. Whether you have to create a single product page, complete listing, or detail, all can be done by Elementor.
  • If that’s not enough, you can even add your own block of code. Since it is an open-source plugin, users are allowed to customize the coding. You can delete an option or make it better. The choice is yours.
  • Needless to say, Elementor empowers its users to bring out the best of their creativity. With simple and easy editing, even the sky is not the limit for editors, designers, and developers.

How to Use Elementor Page Builder: Elementor Pro Lifetime

By now, you would have a clear image of Elementor. With all the information out of the way, let’s how does it work.

Here is how to create a custom post with the page builder. Although you can find suitable templates, that is not difficult. Let’s see how to create from scratch.

  • Step 1: Creating New Page
    To get started, you will need to go to the WordPress dashboard. You will see an option for Posts or Pages. Clicking on it will extend the tab; now click on “Add New.” Note that this tutorial will focus on creating a new post.
  • Step 2: Editing
    This is where Elementor comes in. Once you have selected a new post, you will be asked to edit it with the WordPress default editor. However, you will also get options if you have other plugins installed.

    To use Elementor, click on Edit with Elementor.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image of Elementor’s home page showing how to use it
  • Step 3: Using Elements on Main Page
    The new page will be empty at first. On the sidebar, you will see different elements.
    Suppose you are creating a new heading for your page. You will have to drag the heading widget from the left and place it in the middle. Now, click on the top “Heading” bar. Then, it will ask you to enter new text on the left.
    You will see in the middle, it says, “Drag Widget here.” Every new widget you drop will be dropped here to customize.
    Once you drop an element on the page, it takes the full width. It is a default feature of Elementor. You will see “+” and “-“ symbols with every widget. They can be used for controlling the structure.
    Clicking the “+” button will now ask you the structure of an element. It will give you several structure options consisting of a different number of columns. For instance, you select a 2-column structure.
    Now, on your page, you will find that structure. It will have two sections. Here, you can add two different elements. All the widgets are given in the side left bar. You can easily choose the one you want to drag.
  • Step 4: Settings
    Every element you drop on the main page will allow you to customize it. You can do so by selecting it and clicking the six-dot option in the middle. You can make changes to it from the left.
    Suppose you are customizing a heading. You get options to change its style as well as the content. Similarly, each widget has different settings. However, the available options also vary depending on the version of Elementor.
  • Step 5: Finalizing
    After adding various widgets and changing their settings, you can see the final product.
    Do not worry! You will not have to publish it to see it. One of the best Elementorfeatures allows you to see your work while making changes.
    You can get a preview to see how your post will look after editing. That is because, mostly, the results differ. However, not with Elementor. You can get the exact same results as the page you were working on.

Summary: Elementor Pro Lifetime

It is safe to say that Page Builder is easy to use. Even those with no experience can build a new page. Most of the credit goes to the simple drag-and-drag option. With it, users can select and place the widgets they want.

The versions of Elementor also do not have a huge impact on the ease of use. Whether you are using Free or Pro, the basic features are almost the same.

The only difference is that the Pro version has premium widgets. They can be used for marketing, eCommerce, and other purposes as well.

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With that said, you are now fully trained to create a post. However, the creativity factor depends on you. You can use fewer widgets and still create an amazing page. Or, you can use more of them. Different aspects, like headings, and sections, play the most important part in defining a page.


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People usually first see the heading and sections. If you want to give the right impression, spend enough time to ensure a great outlook.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to build pages.

How to Use Elementor Theme Builder: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Now that you know about building pages, let’s take it one step further.

The Theme builder option is available in the Premium version of Elementor. Unlike other page builders, it gives you full control over the theme as well. It allows you to create custom dynamic content.

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Thanks to the theme builder, you can even override your WordPress theme. If you do not like some aspects of it, you can discard them. Keep what you like and combine it with your builder.

When it comes to Elementor Theme builder, the possibilities are endless. Seriously, there is a lot to cover. So, why not start with the easiest?

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing how to create headers in Elementor

Here we will tell you how to create your own headers and footers.

  • Step 1: Selecting Templates
    Firstly, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on “templates.” The option will be present under Elementor.
  • Step 2: Creating a New Template
    Although you can get pre-built templates, they might not fit your requirements. Here is how to create your own.
    On the Template Page, the top heading will be shown as “Saved Templates.” Besides that, you will see two buttons, “Add New” and “Import Templates.”
    The Import button is used for installing new templates. However, we will be going with “Add New” in this process.
    A dialogue box will pop up and ask for details, such as Template type and name. Enter the information as per your requirements.
  • Step 3: Editing the New Template
    The reason for teaching Page Builder before this is that it is almost the same. You will see a similar page with drag-and-drop options from the left bar
    Since we are working on a header, the available customizations will be accordingly. After editing it, you can save it. Now, it will be accessible from a new page.
    With that said, it is quite easy working with the theme builder too. Again, thanks to the simple features of Elementor, even newbies can create brilliant pages and headers.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to build pages.

Building WooCommerce with Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Building a WooCommerce store is made easier with Elementor. If you are still wondering how simple? Well, it is the same as building a page or header. Yes, you would not need to spend any extra time or effort. It takes only minutes to do so.

Here is how you can build a WooCommerce page with Elementor:

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing how to build a WooCommerce page with Elementor:

You have to do the same process to select a new template. After that, you will be able to create separate pages for products.

You will get full access to a vast library of templates. To create a WooCommerce product page, you will be directed to the same blank page. Using elements and widgets, you can customize however you want.

As mentioned earlier, every category has different widgets. You can create a single product page as well as a full-page containing multiple products. You can add a title, image as well as price.

Elementor also allows users to add the necessary information with a title. Plus, you can modify it from time to time to make sure it is updated and valid. It includes product name, description, price, and available stock.

The best part is that you do not need to run difficult codes. You can make your WooCommerce pages and store them by simply using the widgets.

To build a wooCommerce, store check out this tutorial:

Using Addons with Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Many people use add-ons with Elementor. That does not mean the page builder does not offer a lot of options. Add-ons mainly provide even more convenience and functionality to a page.

Fortunately, Elementor allows users to integrate third-party add-ons.
This option is available in Elementor Pro. However, building pages on a beginner level would not require you to install any add-ons. The number of widgets and their abilities is enough.
The option is available to offer more flexibility to create even better content.

Themes Templates for Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

One of the most popular themes to use with Elementor is Astra. It provides a collection of templates. These are good for newbies as they are simple to use.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing theme templates for Elementor

Most other themes also provide options for using templates. They come with a library of templates. After installing a theme and templates, here is how you can use them:

You can use them by going to the WordPress dashboard. There, you will see the option “Appearance.” You will see the name of templates there to import.

However, you can also build your own if you do not like the given ones. Do not worry, it’s easy.

Templates You can Build with Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Elementor gives you the option of building templates for all kinds of pages. Here are all the templates you can build and customize using Elementor:

  • Page / Post
  • Header & Footer
  • Single / Multiple Posts
  • Blog Archives
  • Single / Multiple Product Pages

With that said, let’s take a look at building a page template with Elementor.

A Page Template with Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

In Elementor, both post and page fall into the category of a Page Template. But, what is the benefit of using the same page? There are several benefits. As you may have heard, consistency is the key. And, this feature helps you stay consistent with your posts.

If you have a team working under you, keeping them on the same track can be difficult. That is why a single template will help them follow the same rules.

The best part is that this option is available in both Free and Pro versions.

Here is how you can build a page template: Elementor Pro Lifetime

  • Step 1: Selecting Templates
    First, you have to go to the WordPress dashboard. Under the Elementor option, click on “Templates.” Here, you will see different templates if you have added them before. If not, the page will be empty, with “No Templates Found.”
  • Step 2: Add New Templates
    On the Top, you will see the option to “Add New,” beside “Import Templates.” The latter option is used if you have installed or downloaded any templates on your device.
    Since we are creating a new one hence, click on “Add New.”
  • Step 3: Creating a New Template
    Now, a dialogue box will appear. It will ask you the type of Template you want to create and a name for it.
    Select the Page Template type and give any name to it. Click on “Create Template” to get started.
Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing how to select templates type in Elementor
  • Step 3: Editing the Page Template
    The editor for the page template will be the same as the header or page builder. You will see the option in the middle, saying “Drag Widgets here.” And, the sidebar will contain all the elements you can add.
  • It takes no time and effort to create a new page template. All you have to do is to drag the widgets you want to add, make sections and columns, and you are done!
  • Once you are satisfied with your template design, you can save it for later use. Now, this one will appear once you navigate to the “Templates” section in the WordPress dashboard.

Summary: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Once you understand the basics of editing on Elementor, almost everything is the same. You can see the pattern that every aspect has the same editor as well as the same editing operations.
Even better that after easily building a template, you can use it whenever you want. It is easy, quick, and convenient for new and advanced users.

Creating a Popup in Elementor: Elementor Pro Lifetime

As mentioned earlier, Popups can be used to convey your message appealingly. Writing something in plain text can be boring. Most people might know attention to that, even if it is something to their benefit.

That is why most companies use popups as a tool to make announcements, such as sales, discounts, special deals, etc. It grabs the attention of people, and they tend to click on it more.

Elementor allows you to create amazing popups. However, the option is only present in the Pro version. There are some exciting popup types available, including welcome back, exit, product upsells, etc. Plus, creating them is also very simple.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s popups page

You will start with the WordPress dashboard and go to “Templates.” Now, click on “Popups” and Add New. Choose the type of template and enter the name, like before.

You will have options to select a pre-built template or create a new one. If you are creating, you will get the same editor with different popup settings. Once you have created it, you can click on “Publish” and save it.

Now, let’s see how it works!: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Create a new page in Elementor and select a button widget. Drag it to the main page to insert it. Now, head over to Layout and select “Link.” Then, follow to Dynamic > Actions > Popup.
After selecting Popup, Click “Open Popup.” And browse the one you have created. Publish it to the page and click on the button to see how it works.

Summary: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Using a popup is quite simple. Whether you are creating a new one or using a template, it will remain saved. Following the method of testing it on a page, you can use it on your web pages.

It is an excellent option that is worth using. So, if you are using Elemntor Pro, you should use popups on your website. Not only will it make your website more engaging, but also be better looking.

To build amazing popups, check out this simple tutorial:

How to Create a Mobile Responsive Website with Elementor

A common mistake among beginners is incorrect optimization. Their websites look great on a wide computer screen. However, it is definitely not made for mobile screens. The resolution is out of range, the pictures look so big, the links do not properly, etc.

These are the issues in a website that is not designed for a mobile phone.

In a survey, it was found that More than 50%of traffic comes from mobile devices. If you are using Elementor, you can ensure that your websites work fine on mobile.

There are several options in Elementor when it comes to devising responsiveness. The websites and pages you create here are functional across all devices.

Elementor Pro Lifetime
An image showing Elementor’s mobile device visibility

All of these factors depend on the layout. After selecting “Layout” in Elementor, you will see many options. For instance, you will see the option “Width” and the screen icons next to it. These icons include a tablet, a PC, and a mobile screen.

After selecting one icon, you can also change the settings to your preference. It allows you complete control over the customizations. You can change the size of different elements for different devices.

If you want to enhance the user experience even further, you are allowed to customize the visibility of a section on a device. For instance, if you want to hide some images or text on mobile because it might not look good, you can easily do it. Here’s how.

An image showing the edit section of Elementor on a mobile device
  1. Go to Edit Section > Advanced > Responsive.
  2. You will notice some options under “Visibility.”
  3. The options will be “Hide on Desktop,” “Hide on Mobile,” and “Hide on Tablet.” If you want to turn any of them on/off, simply toggle on the button.

You will still see the section during editing. But, no need to be confused. It will not be shown to the users once you publish it.

If you want to view how your page looks across different devices, you can easily do so. All you have to do is to head over to the Elementor dashboard. There, you will see an icon for “Responsive Mode.”

Once you click on it, it will show you in Mobile Mode as it is the default one. However, you can change it by clicking on the other icons on top. If you want to see it in specific dimensions, you can do that as well.

In the top right corner, there are two bars for Width and Height. You can enter any value you want to see how it looks with that.
Now, you are good to create websites that support Mobile Responsive mode. And, it is quite easy, to say the least.

Elementor Academy: Elementor Pro Lifetime

Do you want to learn more about Elementor? Sometimes, YouTube tutorials can feel incomplete. That is because they might not be suitable for a newbie. To understand every aspect in-depth, you can be a part of Elementor Academy.

An image showing joining Elementor’s Academy & empowerment

If you are wondering, what is it? Well, no need to worry. Here is everything you need to know about Elementor Academy.

  • What is Elementor Academy: Elementor Pro Lifetime

  • Elementor Academy is your ultimate source for learning all of its aspects. Although it is very easy, it can still be overwhelming for new users. But, you do not need to look any further. Let’s take a look at what it offers.
  • Courses
    If you are entirely new to this field and using a page builder for the first time, you might want to take some courses. No need to worry, these are not paid. Elementor Academy has tons of courses.
    Whether you are just starting out or stuck at some point in advanced editing, you can always find a suitable course. Each one contains a series of videos and is about 1 hour long on average. In this one hour, you are guaranteed to learn from start to finish about the course you are taking.
  • Video Tutorials
    Are you stuck on some option and can’t seem to find the right way out? No need to look on YouTube. Elementor Academy offers video tutorials. These are videos about 4-5 minutes long.
    This video will surely answer your question and solve your problem. With their short and crisp length, they do not beat around the bush. Instead, the content is informative and will fix whatever issue you are having.
    The best part about these tutorials is that they explain the basics. Even a beginner can not understand them.
  • Webinars
    Are you looking to get in touch with an expert? You can do so by taking part in Webinars. Elementor academy hosts such informative and insightful webinars every now and then.
    Once you join the academy, you can stay updated for the future. Plus, you also get access to the previous ones.
    In these hour-long webinars, instructors explain everything in detail. Not only do they cover a feature completely, but they also give suggestions about how to use it. This way, the user will not be confused, and the advice of an expert always works.
  • Other Resources
    If you think that’s all Elementor Academy has to offer, you might be wrong. That is because there are many other resources.
    Firstly, you can contact their team via the support center. They provide assistance with every aspect. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can ensure that the support center will give you a good tip.
    Secondly, there is an entire community out there. Elementor supports teamwork and its community. That is why its users stay connected and solve each other’s problems. You can collaborate with other people and share what you know best.
  • However, if you have to complete a professional project, you might get a professional. Sometimes, people have difficult projects with tight deadlines. If not completed, it can cost the client. That is why it is best to get an expert from Elementor Academy.
    You can hire them at a price, depending on the complexity of your task. These include designers, developers, as well as marketers. You can be ensured that you are in the right hands. Also, the job will be done before the deadline. What more could someone ask for?

All of these options prove how helpful Elementor Academy can be. Whether you want to learn or hire a professional, it can fulfill all your needs. Using the insightful resources of the academy, you can grow and enhance your skills with Elementor.
To join the academy, click here.

Why Elementor is better than its competitors: Elementor Pro Lifetime

By now, you know all about creating pages, themes, and templates with Elementor. But, why should you use it in the first place? You may be wondering why there must be many competitors, right? Well, you are right.

You can find many other tools and plugins like Elementor, but none of them is the right alternative. That is because the features of Elementor are unmatched. Whether you are using it for free or Pro, it is the most feature-rich page builder.

That is mainly due to the fact that it is much more than just a page builder. If you are a web developer, you would know how easy it is with WordPress. Still, people wanted a better option. And, Elementor is the answer to their prayers.

Its simplicity and ease of working give it an upper hand over its competitors. Using simple options, like drag-and-drop, you can make even better web pages than by coding. The wide range of widgets, availability of templates, option to create new ones, and complete control over all aspects, make Elementor the top choice. for in-depth knowledge on how to use Elementor. 

Let’s take a detailed look at why Elementor is better than its competitors and why you should use it.

  • Easy to Use
    As indicated earlier, every aspect of Elementor is easy to use. Even if you are a beginner in this field, it should not be a problem for you. You can easily understand all the tools and operations in no time.
    For instance, let’s see what you do to edit or create a page. You simply drag the widgets and drop them on the page. Next, you customize however you want. Finally, you are ready to publish and save it. Can it get easier than that? Well, we do not think so.
  • Free to Get Started
    Are you new to the web development field? Then, it would be best if you started with a free tool. However, you will find only a few ones that are actually free. Elementor is one of the only ones.
    While it does come with a premium version, it is not necessary to buy it. If you are new, you can get started with the free version. In fact, you can even keep working with it after achieving experience. The main reason for that is the availability of features. The free version has enough features to make working and professional web pages. You can upgrade to Pro once you feel confident as it has a better and wide range of options.
  • A Variety of Features
    When it comes to the available features, Elementor outmatches all of its competitors. Although it is considered a page builder, it is so much more. You can even build your own themes if you do not like the one you are using.
    You have the option to create the pre-built functions as well as to build new ones, just like we did with the header and page. There are more than 90 widgets and 300+ templates.
    You can create web pages, mobile responsive websites, popups, etc. With these many options, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Live Editing
    While working on a website, you would also like to see the results simultaneously. Not only does it help you preview the appearance for users, but it also allows you to build better.
    Elementor allows you to see the page while editing it. This way, you can look at it before publishing. You can make the necessary changes and improve it until you are satisfied.
  • Useful Integrations
    WordPress allows using different integrations. But, it depends on the plugins, whether they are compatible or not. Elementor can be used with WooCommerce, MemberPress, Yoast SEO, and many other useful integrations.
  • Supports 50+ Languages
    Are you not good enough at English? No need to worry! Elementor is a multilingual plugin with RTL integration. You can set the builder for the language best for you. It helps you understand and access the options better.
  • 100% Secure
    With Elementor, you do not have to worry about the safety of your website. It is up to the standards of WordPress security. It does not allow any malicious or harmful content to surface on your website.
  • Mobile Responsive Websites
    Elementor cares about its users, regardless of the device they are using. Since more users are accessing from mobile devices, Elementor allows users to create mobile responsive websites.
    The layouts, text, sections, and all other options help you take the website in such a way that it fits all devices.
    Plus, you can also see how your website looks on various devices, such as desktops, mobile, and tablets. It helps you create the perfect website that can be accessed and viewed across all screens.
  • Templates
    Users who do not have much experience using such plugins can use the pre-built templates. These templates come with the theme you use. All you have to do is find a compatible theme (we already have mentioned a list above).

They are very helpful, especially for beginners. Also, templates can be useful if you are working with a team. Since you want to maintain the same design and layout, templates can help your team keep up.

  • An Open Source Plugin
    If you have experience with programming, you would easily understand the term “Open Source.”However, for people who are unfamiliar, it means a platform that you can customize with your coding.
    Sometimes you may feel that a certain option is not up to your requirements. You can change the coding on Elementor as it provides custom CC. This way, you can add more depth to an option or delete its restrictions.
  • No Need For Coding
    Elementor has tons of options to create a professional website. If you were to do it with coding, it would be way more difficult. Either you will have to learn to code or hire a programmer. One way takes effort, while the other one requires money.
    With Elementor, you can build creative web pages from scratch. The best part is that it does not require coding at all. While you can use it as it is an open-source platform, it is not necessary. It only adds more functionalities.
  • Choice of Many
    Elementor’s credibility is supported by people all over the world. One of the most widely used WordPress plugins is this one. Additionally, it is the best option for page builders. It has a committed community that is constantly expanding.
    Once you start using Elementor, you become a part of that community too. You can connect with other people, ask questions, learn different controls, and socialize. You can also help others by giving them creative and innovative ideas.
  • Advanced Editing
    The professional widgets available on Elementors allow you to take on advanced-level editing. Even better, you can switch from a beginner to an advanced builder in no time.
    Elementor makes website and web page development look like a small task. You can also create animation effects, popups, pages, a WooCommerce store, and much more by just dragging and dropping. Without a doubt, It is as easy as it gets.

To learn more about why Elementor outsmarts its competitors, See here.

Pros & Cons of Elementor

Every plugin and tool has its fair share of pros and cons. When it comes to Elementor, the merits outweigh the demerits by miles. However, it is still better to provide both to you as it will paint a clearer picture. So, here are the pros and cons of Elementor.


  • A simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature for building and customization.
  • Allows making websites that work well on all devices (mobile, PC, tablets).
  • More than 300 available templates to save time and help beginners.
  • More than 90 widgets to provide better functionality as well as complexity.
  • Can get started for free and access the essential features.
  • Helpful pricing plans.
  • Allows third-party integrations.
  • Keeps your data safe and secure.
  • Improves with regular updates.
  • Allows creating custom themes, pages, and popups.
  • It can be used to create a wooCommerce store.
  • Compatible with most themes.
  • Good for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Preview your work while editing it.


  • A lifetime package could have been helpful for many people.
  • Users have reported slow-loading pages.
  • You will have to upgrade to the Pro version at some point for more complex editing.
  • Support is only available in Elementor pro.


Well, that was a lot. But, on the bright side, all of this will help you decide on the best website builder. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you can always rely on Elementor. It is easy to use, has powerful features, and does not depend on coding.

CLICK HERE to try Elementor for free.

What more could someone ask for?

If you want to try Elementor, you can do it right away. The free version is available to download and install.

It contains everything you will need when starting out. Learn its various tools, spend time practicing, start working as a professional, and once you feel the need to upgrade, do it!

The easy pricing plans make it easier for users to choose the right one. Find the package that fits you and your budget. When doing so, also consider the benefits each plan comes with.

It is safe to say that Elementor is the ultimate plugin for website building. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now for free!

FAQs About Elementor

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Elementor.

  1. Q: What is Elementor?
    A: Elementor is a WordPress plugin used for building web pages and websites.
  2. Q: Is it compatible with WordPress themes?
    A: Elementor is one of the few plugins that work fine with most WordPress themes. Some of the most common themes paired with it are Astra, Ocean WP, and Atmosphere Pro.
  3. Q: Do I need to learn coding for it?
    A: You do not need to learn coding to use Elementor. It provides access to all its features with a simple drag and drug use. However, if you know to code, it comes as a benefit. That is because it is an open-source plugin that allows you to change its features.
  4. Q: Is Elementor Free?
    A: Elementor has a free version. It works without credit cards and other information. It is completely free and still allows flexible options to develop websites.
  5. Q: What is Elementor Pro?
    A: Elementor Pro is the premium version of the plugin. It comes with a wider range of features, widgets, and templates. Using it, you can create unique and sophisticated web pages.
    As for its pricing, there are different plans. The price depends mostly on the number of websites you can use.
  6. Q: Is it safe to use?
    A: Yes, Elementor is completely safe. Its security measures are up to the standards of WordPress. In short, it keeps your data secure and prevents harmful content.
  7. Q: What Can I Build with it?
    A: With ELementor, you can build pages and blog posts. You can fully customize them to your liking and publish them when you are satisfied. In the free version alone, there are various features to build exciting pages.
    With Elementor Pro, you can take the game to another level. It allows building pages, themes, wooCommerce stores, popups, animation effects, and much more. You can also build new templates that you can save for later use.
  8. Q: Are there Templates to Use?
    A: Yes, Elementor offers more than 300 templates to choose from. However, you can create new ones as well.
  9. Q: Is Editing easy in Elementor?
    A: In Elementor, editing is as easy as dragging and dropping. You can select the element you want to customize by simply dragging it to the main screen. Here, you can edit it as per your requirement.
  10. Q: Does it allow integrations?
    A: Elementor allows third-party integrations. They offer more functionality and complex options for your website.
  11. Q: How to Learn About Elementor?
    A: You can learn everything via the Elementor Academy. It is a platform that offers webinars, full courses, video tutorials, and much more. You can also connect with people from the vast community of Elementor.
  12. Q: What Kind of Popups Can I Make in Elementor?
    A: Elementor allows you to create a variety of popups. From the welcome mat, login form, email, notification, upgrades, announcements, sales, and deals to exit-intent popups, all are available in it.
  13. Q: What is VIP Support?
    A: VIP Support is a feature available in Elementor Pro. It is present in only Studio and Agency packages. Using VIP Support, you can contact the team of Elementor, and they respond within 30 minutes. You can solve any problem you are facing, get the answer to your queries, or learn more about Elementor.
    It differs from the Premium Support that is available in Essential, Advanced, and Expert packages. Premium Support also offers a means of communication with the team, however, they respond within 1 day.
  14. Q: Why Should I Switch to Elementor Pro?
    Elementor Pro provides more depth in website and page building. Whether you are learning or doing it professionally, it is the better option. With its widgets, theme builder, page builder, templates, and many other features, you can create complex and professional-looking websites.

Once you learn all the features of the free version but want to take your development to the next step, that is when to choose Elementor Pro.
If you are considering switching to the Pro version, you should choose the Expert Pricing plan as it is the most popular among people.

  1. Q: Does it offer a refund policy?
    A: Yes, you can get the full money back in 30 days, with no questions asked. You can contact the support team or open a ticket to apply for a refund. However, it does not apply to upgrades or renewals.


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